How to use Coconut Oil for Beauty! Glowing skin & shiny hair… all done on a budget with something most of us just keep in the kitchen ; D Thanks So Much Fo…

25 thoughts on “COCONUT OIL BEAUTY SECRETS | Tip Tuesday

  • Jocelyne Cruz

    I tried this on my face and nooooo! my skin did not like it, it broke me
    out and gave me a rash!! So I wouldn’t recommend putting this on your face.
    but this works great for my hair!! (:?

  • Shelly M

    Use it all the time on my face and hair. I use it at night and my face is
    so soft in am. I also put in smoothies!!!?

  • Alice Potter

    I use it on my hands and feet before bed. Great around the cuticles. Also
    helps tattoos heal. ?

  • annieoscar

    I <3 coconut oil! I tried your tips of mixing it with argan oil for hair –
    awesome! I also clean my face with it, then use a really warm washcloth to
    remove it. xo?

  • Kris

    I also use this as an overnight hair treatment~In the morning I find it
    helps to use about a quarter size dollop of shampoo and run in through
    my hair before getting in the shower. It seems to break down the oil better
    than when your hair is wet. ?

  • Shoppingstar525

    You can even make a body butter out of it just by dumping it into a bowl
    and whipping it up with a hand mixer or electric mixer (in its original
    state). That whipped consistency lets it sink into your skin faster and it
    lasts as long as the coconut oil in its original solid state, as long as
    you seal it tightly. ?

  • Abigail Victory Pedersen

    I use coconut oil on everything. I cook with it too and eat it to help heal
    my skin from the inside out.?

  • Marianna's Beauty Room

    I love using coconut oil as a deep conditioning mask for my hair! I find it
    to be a little heavy for my skin, but on the hair it works miracles. Never
    thought to use it in the bath though – I will have to try that.?

  • Lynda Valdez

    I’ve heard it’s great for eczema…?? My son has it and am iffy about using
    it…only bc I know it’s moisturizing but would it irritate him if he
    scratches at it sometimes? Basically is it ok on any open areas he may have?

  • Daphage

    Coconut Oil is my savior for dry under eyes that causes my concealer to
    settle into fine lines! I use a tip from Wayne Goss to layer a moisturizer,
    (in this case coconut oil.) Let is absorb, layer it again, absorb, and do
    once more etc.. Then I apply face primer on my under eye area, apply
    concealer, (I use Benefit Erase Paste) then a very light amount of pearl
    powder.. and my concealer seriously does not settle in line for at least 10
    hours! I always had trouble with this before coconut oil. ?

  • Foofie2005

    Love the smell of coconut ! I got to pick some of this stuff up..
    I love using sweet almond oil for lots of things, it’s great for the soles
    of your feet, without making them feel slippery. Helps keep those little
    cracks away too. ?

  • Laura Holbrook

    Does coconut oil break anyone else out? It broke my skin out like crazy.
    I’ve read that it is comedogenic. ?

  • Shannon Eliza

    i’ve used it in my hair before but that bath tip sounds interesting i’ll
    have to try that :)?

  • xbeautyandthegeekx

    All of the above! I love shaving and taking off my makeup with it. I will
    sometimes use it as my nighttime moisturizer because it seems to help a lot
    with acne and hyperpigmentation. But the deep conditioner is probably the
    best 🙂 I oil my hair overnight with this, and I think it’s helped heal my
    curls from years of heat damage.?

  • debo cohen

    You maybe don’t know this, but it can be used as a toothpaste. Basically,
    you use it as your regular toothpaste and it makes you teeth whiter, your
    breath more fresh, it’s amazing?

  • Jasmine Lopez

    I used the coconut oil to shave my legs today and O-M-G my legs now have
    the WORST razor burn you could ever imagine. I am in so much pain. Never
    again, I would not recommend ?

  • Chaein

    I tried to shave with coconut oil but it was like my razor wasn’t working.
    Maybe did I put too much oil?
    Beside that I LOVE using it as a mosturizer. It leaves my legs so smooth!?

  • Erika Nagy

    Oil pulling as well for your teeth! A spoonful in your mouth work it around
    for 20 min and spit it our! Removes bacteria and helps sensitive gums! ?

  • Tina Ganguly

    All perfect tips. I am Indian and we swear by coconut oil. Saturdays,
    nearly all of the country, slept with coconut oil in our hair and Sunday we
    washed it off. ?

  • Tiffany Michelle

    My coconut oil from whole foods doesn’t smell like coconuts, it actually
    has no smell. Which brands actually smell like coconut? ?

  • mazzychops

    Went out and bought some coconut oil as soon as I watched this. Loving it
    for moisturizing and removing stubborn make-up. Tried it on my hair last
    night. Not sure if it had any effect. It’s only the first time so maybe if
    I give it a few more tries? Also I have blonde hair that’s pretty damaged
    by bleach so that may be a factor. My natural colour underneath does feel

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