25 thoughts on “COCONUT OIL BEAUTY USES!

  • Teresa S.

    Thank you again for not being a ego-maniac and for getting to point- I like
    your video’s because of that. Bless you and yours!

  • kardelen Kaya

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  • holistichabits

    yes i have had severe cystic acne in the past. coconut oil has never made
    me breakout though, in fact i found it helped. I recommend you stop using
    it though if your skin is not reacting well. I’m sorry to hear that πŸ™ What
    works for some people doesn’t work for others.

  • Neve Parker

    you are so stunning. could you maybe do a video on your acne in the past
    and how you healed it? <3

  • Yuri Ports

    wow i love everything that i learned from your video…first its natural
    and its effective. thanks for sharing…:-) loving it!

  • Amber Frazier

    I made a salt/arygan oil/coconut oil scrub & a brown sugar /coconut oil
    scrub. I love them!!!

  • Rachel Israeli

    i had recently buy coconutoil& used as face moister on clean face and body
    cream & it was very good .i still use it for my body & hair.

  • KrbpCP

    If I melt dark chocolate, I like to add coconut oil for less bitterness. I
    have it in my tea as well as honey. Sometimes I just eat it. I know mom
    uses it in cakes, sometimes replacing such things as butter

  • Mya Yasmin Blossom

    I love your videos & am always stunned how beautiful you are! You must be a
    very nice person, it’s visible in your eyes & smile πŸ™‚ Could u make a video
    about acne problems & how to get rid of it, please? That would be so

  • Shruffle Love

    I whip mine up before use, and it just makes it look prettier, and go
    longer. Kinda like a body butter. I also put about 1/2 tsp. in my tea each
    morning, along with the raw honey. Gives nice flavor! Of course my
    husband’s favorite is when I use it to make a sugar free naturally
    sweetened apple crumble. Be healthy everyone! πŸ™‚

  • Vaso Mic

    Hey!!!Your videos are greeeeeat!!!!!!!!! <3 i would like to ask something
    about the body scrub…can we use it at the face too? Lots of love from

  • olive4naito

    I found that coconut oil cleared acne during the first 2 days. Then I found
    that I was getting some breakouts in the cheek areas and near my mouth. I
    started using the raw honey/lemon mask (20 min daily) and it’s healing
    pretty quickly. I use coconut oil mainly for removing eye makeup now. If I
    ever massage it into my skin, I always use a beta hydroxy cleanser after,
    followed by a witch hazel toner and aloe vera. I now remove coconut oil off
    my face completely though to prevent breakouts.

  • wildlyvivacious

    i know that you keep saying that what you eat is important because it shows
    inside and out but what if you literally cant eat natural because of your
    family, I live with my family, the only thing that they buy is processed
    food πŸ™

  • dizlee86

    Where have I been?? Lady, we have the same philosophy on sooo many levels!!
    So glad I found you via @mayasworld πŸ˜‰ My friends nicknamed me “Coconut”
    that’s how much I am known to use coconut oil for just about everything:
    hygiene, beauty, hair, skin, mouthwash, cooking… lolol πŸ˜‰

  • Michelle Kleiman

    hi! quick question, if the only ingredient on the label of my coconut oil
    jar is coconut oil i should assume itΒ΄s unrefined and virgin right? (kind
    of a silly question but i just want to be 100% sure) thanks!

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