Coconut Oil Benefits: Health, Weight Loss, & More

David sounds off on some of the benefits of regular coconut oil consumption he has personally experienced – before taking this advice, ask your doctor about …

6 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Benefits: Health, Weight Loss, & More

  • detached

    Coconut oil is amazing as? well as flaxseed( milled seeds and/or oil). when coupled with a vegetable based diet, it will completely change yor body. you become so sensitive to anything thay deviates from those foods, that you can feel how bad junk foods make you feel.

  • s escu

    Have you seen Lean Body Blaster? (Go google it) It? is a quick and easy way for you to lose fat fast.

  • Jessica Berryhill

    Wait a minute. You’re touting the health benefits if coconut oil while standing in front? of McDonald’s? Argghhh!! The irony!!

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