Coconut Oil & Conditioner Only Wash n’ Go

In this video I show you my wash n’ go using only coconut oil and conditioner. Don’t forget to subscribe!!! Thanks for watching!! Leave any video request that you have in the comments sections…

25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil & Conditioner Only Wash n’ Go

  • Kai Loki

    When I saw them braids, I instantly said in my head “Bye Felicia”. Lovely
    hair! I’m still stuck in the in-between stage. Hopefully I’ll get there one
    day =) ?

  • Tia Kirby

    Very well explained! love the vid and thanks for keeping it simple. Do you
    have any tips on how to make is last for a few days like when you go to
    sleep what do you use to keep it nice looking for the next day??

    Hello Dorothy S,

    Thank you for the compliment and for watching my video! Yes, I pineapple
    my hair at night by putting it in a really high ponytail on top of my head
    then tie up in a satin scarf. This helps me to not sleep on my curls
    causing them to flatten. In the morning, I take it down and shake my hair
    out then fluff as needed. It bounces right back and looks fresh! I hope
    you will subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so already! :D?

  • Tia Kirby

    Did you co washed and did your wash&go the same day or you just waited a
    day later? ?

    Hi Jaime John, thank you for watching my video! I hope that you will
    subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already! To answer your question…
    yes, I cowash and then do my wash n’ go immediately after I get out of the
    shower from doing so on the same day. ?

  • kyia1414

    I do the same thing to my hair. This is the only way I get my 4c hair to
    curl. I am happy to know that I’m not the only one.?

  • Amadeus Rx

    Completely unrelated, but your bathroom wallpaper is gorgeous lol Back on
    topic, you and I have the same hair type, but I’ve been wigin’ it up for 2
    years. On labor I realized my hair was mid back length, so I’m glad I came
    across your video because I’m going to start wearing my hair out. Thanks!

  • Donna Gambrell

    All I Have To Say Is That Ur Hair Is Absolutely Beautiful…..Thanks For
    The Share. I Also Have A Question….What Is The Meaning Of 4a, 3c,
    4c……….Pardon My Not Knowing, But I Really Do Not Understand??

  • Pat James

    I really like your method of wash’Go I like how u separate the hair in
    tiny portions,never seen it done that way before Thx u?

  • Tanesha McFadden

    I don’t want to guess on your hair type, but does this method work on
    medium fine 4b hair??

  • Anais Adames

    Your hair is so springy and healthy! It reminds me of Mahogany Curls!
    Lovely, just insanely lovely#!?

  • Britney Alexander

    What is the brand name of your coconut oil that you is using in this vidio?
    and can I get the full name please…………………………………?

  • Nadine Bradley

    I went two years with no heat on my hair and 5 years with no relaer, my
    hair has grown from above my collar bone to my lower back. I realized that
    my hair texture changed, maybe it just went back to how it naturally was,
    im not sure but the first time I relaxed my hair I was 8 so that would make
    sense that I had no idea what my natural hair texture was. My hair texture
    now is literally identical to yours. When it drys however it is extremely
    dry to the point where leave in conditioner and oil doesn’t work. What are
    your recommendations for drastically dry hair??

  • Vanessa

    Hi, just subscribed. I love finding another option instead of gel on my
    hair, as it sometimes feels a little bit crunchy. I went looking for the
    TRESemme naturals you used and realized there are at least three different
    ones. Do any work, or I would need to get the exact one you used? Thanks in
    advance and great video, very informative.?

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