Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner Tutorial

I tried out this new way to deep condition your hair…. well, it’s new to me. Watch and enjoy! It worked really well and made my hair bouncy Also here are some links: For coconut oil advantages: For Dominican hair products:

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    6 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner Tutorial

    • jodie0011

      hahaha “leave on for 30 mins”…..”i left mine on for 3 hours” haha, looks great.

    • kanielaandpalikenei

      dang your hair is really nice lol 🙂 I wish I knew about conditioning with oil when I was permed.. I love ur hair and loved ur vid too!! 😉

    • TheBellaMechelle

      @kanielaandpalikenei Thanks a lot girl! It takes so much research to find out different methods…

    • TheBellaMechelle

      @sweetfm2008 DEFINITELY! I noticed a difference instantly! This is a part of my regimen now every week.

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