Coconut Oil Deep Treatment Review – Natural Hair

Video explaining steps used to deep treat my natural hair using extra virgin coconut oil and review of hair results using this method.

4 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Deep Treatment Review – Natural Hair

  • PoMaCurls

    Thank You! Whatever your curl pattern,? treat it well and it will treat you the same:)

  • Kayonmangement

    Yeah but my hair from what I’ve seen, can be very unmanageable. The back of my hair is very soft and loose in curls but the crown of my head is a very scary region that I refuse to deal with. Majority of my curls on the side are just like yours. But the top is very scary. I have been going natural for about 2 years now and still don’t have the courage to wear my? natural hair out.

  • PoMaCurls

    I also was initially hesitant about wearing my hair out. It can take time to become comfortable with your natural hair and find the regimen/ products that work for you. I will say that deep treating (for me once? a week) is critical in keeping my hair soft. Being natural is accepting how my hair presents itself and going with it, even if its not exactly to my liking (I can still struggle with this at times).

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