Coconut Oil Does NOT Seal!!! How to Moisturize and Seal Natural Hair! {FOR HIGH POROSITY HAIR TYPES}

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25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Does NOT Seal!!! How to Moisturize and Seal Natural Hair! {FOR HIGH POROSITY HAIR TYPES}

  • bachillerette

    Thank you for posting this! I’ve been using coconut oil on the bottom half
    of my hair where it’s dry. It starts off a little oily but quickly soaks
    in and goes back to looking dry and slightly crunchy. I’m going to try and
    find a shea butter to seal after I use the coconut oil. Sadly most of the
    ones I’ve seen at local stores like Walmart, seem to have dimethicone and
    preservatives like BHT :/ Where can I find an all natural shea butter??

  • Faith Elizabeth

    big sigh. i don’t think you did enough research because you don’t have all
    your information straight and are giving misinformation. olive coconut and
    avocado oil can seal and are not the only oils that can penetrate the hair
    shaft ie grape seed sesame walnut macadamia. the type or should i say
    weight of the oil you seal with is going to be determined by the texture
    (coarse, medium, or fine) density porosity and condition of your hair.?

  • naturalbeauty930

    you are correct my dear! coconut oil doesnt work the same for everyone’s
    hair, in my hair coconut oil alone just absorbs and leaves it very dry,
    olive oil also and i have experimented with both enough to know for myself.
    My hair retains moisture with the heavier oils and butters or a mixture of
    both. coconut has great benefits for the hair and body, however, it would
    have to be mixed with a heavier oil or a butter to maximize any potential
    for my hair!?

  • buteeful1

    Just a quick question: I just recently realized that coconut oil isn’t
    quite for my high porosity hair type
    I was curious as to what do you do to moisturize two strand twists that you
    might keep in for a week? ?

  • umkish y

    Coconut oil penetrates deeply and is ideal for low-porosity hair since low
    porosity is difficult to penetrate. Low porosity doesn’t necessarily need
    to be sealed since the cuticles are already tight. I think that is why it
    works for a lot of people. Coconut oil is also “water loving” so it will
    allow the hair to take in moisture/water after application. Castor oil is
    the same. Thicker oils are ideal for sealing high porosity and sometimes
    low porosity hair. ?

  • YisraelsRedemption

    They don’t seal mine either. In fact, my hair HATES coconut oil. For some
    reason coconut oil makes my hair stand up on end and brittle. Water and
    shea butter works REALLY well on my hair though. My hair HEARTS shea butter
    and water.?

  • terra myre

    Thnk u so much for the advice Beauty.. I thought I was the only one out in
    the cold about these oils not working for me in the way everyone was
    suggesting… t.y.,t.y. t.y. for informing us!?

  • kim bethune

    This makes sense my hair gets dry afterwards so for some I guess it’s
    debatable because no one method works for everyone but for me this is my hair is fine if I add them to a conditioner but alone as a sealant
    no. So I’m glad to learn this new information and my hair lives castor oil
    so I now know to use this as my sealer????it’s feels so great that we are
    helpful to one another.knowledge truly is power ?

  • Shanel Johnson

    I guess to each is own… coconut oil seals my hair very well. I think it
    really depends on your hair…. good information though thanks a lot!!?

  • FromMeToYouWithLove e

    Thank you for sharing this information! i did not know this. I really
    don’t think it should be a pet peeve to you when ppl say they seal with
    coconut oil etc. Sometimes they don’t know and i did not know either.
    Rather letting it be a peeve, you can simply share information.. nobody
    knows everything?

  • Jordann Allen

    I have 3b, 3c hair yet my hair dries straight and awful yet its healthy and
    natural. I know olive oil and argan oil are just too light for me to seal.
    Coconut Oil is the only texture i like on my hair. Shea and other butters
    weigh my hair down?

  • BlabberPad

    They don’t penetrate completely though. I used to use it as a sealant and
    it worked perfectly for me. Just because it doesnt work for you it doesn’t
    mean it’s not good to sea with.?

  • Yuki Cross

    Coconut oil is both a moisturizer and a sealer. If you use a little water
    it helps it go into the hair shaft more. But that’s why people recommend it
    more because it works as both and helps with hair growth.?

  • Dominique Parker

    I agree I tried coconut oil because I’m allergic to Sheabutter and my hair
    gets dry very quickly. ?

  • lisa2608

    Well i just ordered some coconut oil from Amazon today. .. would you
    suggest using it as A conditioner, rinsing it and then using a conditioner
    that will seal the shaft?????

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