Coconut Oil for Energy

Coconut Oil is very High in Saturated Fat and is a Medium-Chain Triglyceride and your Body uses MCT for Energy and It Is Great for Your Arteries! In the 1940’s Pig Farmers Tried to Fatten Up There Pigs with Coconut Oil. The Pigs Lost Weight Instead! Soybean Oil Was Given to The Pigs, and They Got Very Fat! The American Soybean Association Went on a Saturated Fat Debunking Campaign so that they could Capitalize on the Oil Market……..and they Killed Coconut Oil. This World is Run by the Dollar, and Coconut Oil could not Fight the “Saturated Fat Scare Tactic.” It Has Been Proven that the MCT in Coconut Oil GIves You Energy and Makes You Lose Weight. Coconut Oil also has Many, Many Other Health Benefits Too! The Saturated Fat in Coconut Oil is Very Beneficial for You Health! Soybean Oil is very Polyunsaturated, and Studies Have Proven that it is Very Toxic to Our Bodies! You Don’t Hear About Coconut Oil because there isn’t Much Money in it. Next Time You Are in Your Grocery Store, Look at the Ingredients on Many Products. You Will See Soybean Oil is in Many of the Products. If You Want to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Lifestyle, Limit your Soybean Oil Intake, and Use Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil Often.

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