Coconut Oil for Face: My results

New Find! Turmeric for Face! Helping with my under eye circles age spots and acne! See my results: I’m not a pro. This is for my daughter, and anyone else who may benefit. I’ve watched hundreds of videos on hair oiling, coconut oil and read numerous articles. This is what I’ve gleaned of them, and the results of my first week of use. delmem’s recipe for “Chocolate Delight” made with coconut oil:

23 thoughts on “Coconut Oil for Face: My results

  • hundimzug

    I have been doing this for a year and they are doing fine. The rashes in my GSD never came back and her coat? is shiny and healthy.

  • hundimzug

    There is several websites you can check out first. Just Google Coconut oil for dogs. I? read maybe 4 or 5 and all agreed that coconut oil is extra healthy for dogs. And most amazingly, they? love it. I have three dogs, different sizes and ages, and they always line up for their portion…I just stick my fingers into the bottle and let them lick it. One tablespoon for the biggest one, half and a quarter for the other two, twice or three times a week (I am not really a very organized person…)

  • Boshena57

    Yes, coconut oil is amazing. My Dad’s Alzheimer’s has very much improved when I put him? on two tablespoons 3 times a day.

  • Boshena57

    I know where vaseline comes from and wanted to ditch it in favor of coconut oil, and in summer it’s great. In winter it does not work for me though, only Baiden Mitten and vaseline is all I use and my? skin is amazing. I think that fat is neutral, it only protects the skin, does not add anything to it. I will stick with my routine, because it just works so well and my skin is really amazing.

  • Alina RU

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  • DewyBug

    Refined oil has the antioxidants (they fight free radicals) stripped from it… and free radicals (they age the skin) actually attach themselves to the refined oil. So any kind of? refined oil that you eat or put on your skin HAS free radicals in them… so your aging your skin not helping. You have to use unrefined oils to fight the free radicals. I use pure virgin (unrefined) coconut oil on my face and body everyday.

  • Tina Jones

    Thank you for your very important note. I got some virgin coconut oil from vitacost, and I’m loving? it! I hope others see your note. Thanks again!

  • Tina Jones

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything better or gotten more benefit from something on my skin. I wish? you the best, and let me know how it works for you. smiles. All the best, me.

  • YourNameOnMy

    Nice video! Coconut oil is great, I usually? buy mine in bulk at just use coupon code CEB988 to save $5 on first purchase.

  • Tipjar333

    Thanks for the baking soda tip and demonstrating the amount of coconut oil to use by fingertips. Just applied? some and large red pores were soothed. Carrot juice is also good for skin (if juicing yourself ALWAYS use organic to avoid a pesticide cocktail). A friend tells me two tablespoons of coconut oil a day ingested orally (if you can stomach it) is filled DHT fat which the liver converts to ketones which is key to brain functioning, and has reportedly helped reverse alzheimer’s in some.

  • Tina Jones

    Fantastic information! Thank you. I love carrots. I’ve never? juiced, but my daughter loves it. There’s a recipe link in the drop down box to delmem’s “chocolate delight” that’s an easy way to eat coconut oil for me. Thanks so much for commenting! smiles.

  • valnaples

    Great stuff…AWESOME on elbows…I moisturize with raw organic coconut oil every morning right after showering on my face and arms and elbows? and neck. I do use an under-eye creme by L’oreal Revitalift though. Yes, coconut oil is wonderful on lips too!

  • Tina Jones

    hehe. I could crawl in a tub of this stuff! I love? L’oreal’s Revitalift, but it’s been a while since I’ve used it. I’ve happened on a face mask that’s helping with my dark circles. I’ll put the link in the description box. It’s super simple. Thanks so much for commenting! All the best, me

  • Tina Jones

    Thanks for commenting! Olive oil is wonderful to me too, but I tend to like it most on very dry areas like my heels or if my hands get very chapped. I’ve not tried jojoba yet, and I want to,? but so far coconut oil has been a saver for me. Best wishes! smiles.

  • bornstar20

    Hey teena is it ok if I refrigerated the? coconut oil to get it solid and put it on my face

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