I just purchashed some coconut oil by Spectrum. It’s ORGANIC Virgin Coconut Oil & unrefined…in what ways can I use this on my hair? Also, how do you incorporate it into your life (hair, beauty, etc)?

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    • disfunctionalchild

      I mix the coconut oil with shea butter. I have kinky twists in now so it really keeps my scalp moisturized. I got mines from vitamin shoppe. Im not sure about any cons..

    • seanp66

      I have the same coconut oil. And the way I use it is after co-washing or deep conditioning. I get it and warm it up in my hands and just rub it in my hair. But Irrisistablbtch on here has a step by step instructions on how you she puts it in her hair. And she has long hair.

    • micaiahty

      I use coconut oil to oil my scalp once a week, the brand i use doesnt smell it is organic (NOW Organic Virgin Coconut Oil)

      i also mix it with my shea butter. I use the shea butter mix in the winter time mostly. I have never had any problems when i used it. I dont use it as a moisturizer alone. i hope that helps.

    • ayamejoy

      I use it in my hair spritz, I use it in my Shea Butter whip which I use all over my body, and I also put in in soups and stuff so I can get some of the benefits of eating it. There’s a video by a female named psychetruth called “Super Foods – The Truth about Coconut – Nutrition by Natalie” that explains a lot about coconut.

    • BlkRoyalty31

      Pro: Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for my hair. I use it almost everyday and it adds some sheen as well. After I co-wash, I put it in my hair and it really leaves it soft. Alot of pple also cook with coconut oil as well. I talk about coconut oil in my hair histor and products video.

      Con: It can be a little greasy

      Your hair is beautiful by the way

    • BeatUmDown

      the only con in my opinion is the smell. I hate coconuts, but the oil really gives my hair a shine. I use it the same way as the poster before me.

    • FranFFXII

      you can use cc-oil as a deep conditioner before using shampoo saturate the hair with coconut oil and massage the scalp let it sit for half an hour or use a showercap ( while you sleep) and wash in the morning for maximum moisture and then wash with shampoo and use your conditioner as you usually do. if you need a bit of shine in your hair or if your ends are dry use a very small amount to make up for moisture loss especially during winter.

    • FranFFXII

      I finally have à routine after washing my hair i put à bit of coconut oil on my scalp and hair then rollerset and after that a doobiewrap the next day my hair looks perfect!! Hope that helps ciao

    • vivecarocks

      Could I use coconut oil as a heat protector if I am flat ironing my hair?? I know that certain oils provide heat protection. Is a straightening spray necessary if I have coconut oil in my hair?

    • utaylor777

      Hi, You have the exact correct Coconut Oil..the best! When it’s organic, Virgin Coconut Oil and that says Cold-Pressed and Unrefined AND with the USDA/Organic symbol, it doesn’t get any better. For a listing of the benefits, just google “benefits of coconut oil for the hair” and it should give you a lot of info to reference. Also as to how to apply it, my opinion is that there really are no rules..wet or dry, BUT a little goes a long way! It can

    • utaylor777

      be used as a deep conditioner, and/or a hair dressing! And while you’re searching google for the benefits for hair, check out the other great benefits coconut oil offers! When I first found out about all it’s amazing uses, I was so pleasantly surprised! It’s the healthiest natural oil you can use both internally and externally! It’s even better for you than extra virgin olive oil…even though evoo has it’s own great qualities! Check it out!

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