18 thoughts on “Coconut Oil for healing acne and weight lost

  • glamhaze

    This video made me hungry! I love anything coconut and I read coconut oil is great when consume; however, it makes me break out. 🙁

    Stay Glam!


    If I just drink and eat more coconut will it help speed up my metabolism ? I want to go buy a coconut now LOL <3 Thanks so much for this video it was something that I had no idea about 🙂 5 Stars 🙂

  • Fiorellisious

    Wow ! I’m really glad i have you as my friend on youtube. now i can do so much things with naturelly product ! Thank you soo much Kristine !! 🙂 5 stars !! Fiorella

  • Loverlykris10

    have u tried organic cold-pressed “unrefined” coconut oil. the unrefined and cold pressed is important, the organic part probably is too though.lol …if u want to know why just type the words into google and it will tell you about it.

  • Ktmakeupfx

    @Loverlykris10 yeah I’ve tried that too I have it on hand always i got it at walmart its odorless though, but the pure one is also good we use this back home my grandma makes pure coconut oil from scratch and she also use them if you have body aches or tired muscles, also good for hair, and weight loss

  • mrsross22

    I actually just bought some organic coconut oil today. I knew that it was good for the skin and hair however I didn’t know it sped up the metabolism. Do you eat it on a spoon plain or do you eat it with something? Appreciate it and thank you!

  • tinytoma25

    so ive been putting extra virgin organic coconut oil on my face at night time to see if it would help with my acne, but i think it made it worse :'( is it suppose to do that before it gets any better? or is there a better way in using it to help with my acne? please any advice you have i would really appreciate it 🙂

  • Ktmakeupfx

    @tinytoma25 when I use cocnut oil for my acne I just apply them on the acne itself I dont apply it all over the face I usually leave it for like an hour and sometimes I do it before bed time, everyone have different skin types one might work on the other as some may not, if it doesnt help try to use honey leave it for a few min then wsh your face

  • Ktmakeupfx

    @Ktmakeupfx you can also use egg white face mask these are the few thing I know might help with acne, I hope your acne goes away I know how it feels i dont like it too

  • tinytoma25

    thank you sooo much for the tips and advice! im going to try the honey next! you’ve been very helpful 😉 im also interested in trying out the egg white facial mask! cant wait! thanks again! 🙂

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