2 thoughts on “Coconut Oil for skin, hair care and many health benefits

  • MasqueraDomme

    Very nice video:) Does ”Coconoil” have any scent/taste? I recently purchased a jar of coconut oil from a local store, it says it’s 100% pure but I think it’s processed.:( i researched a bit on the internet and Coconoil brand seems good to me,i think I’ll order some from eBay. Thanks for this good video!

  • CinnamonGirl2010

    @MasqueraDomme Thanks so much! Yeah, you really want the cold pressed kind and if you can get cold pressed, virgin, organic, it’s even better because it retains all of the goodness! It does smell like coconut and if you melt it eat it there is almost no taste but It’s not the easiest thing in the world to eat when it’s melted and on it’s own. It’s oil after all but you can add it to smoothies etc. but in cooking, it really enhances the flavour. Maybe start with scrambled eggs! 🙂

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