8 thoughts on “Coconut Oil for Your Hair??

  • popcorn12ism

    i love yourr makup here!! youu? have a tutorial for thiss!?
    andd thanks for sharing with us this product!!

  • SimpleLu09

    Thanks! your so sweet, and? umm i dont think i do but i have mac “all that glitters” on the lid, “cut to fit” in the crease, and “sorcery” in the outer corner…and a light yellow shimmery color as a highlight 🙂

  • ScarfTree

    lol your description is so funny–“really excited to do this little experiment lol i hope to get…” do u usually “experiment”? LOL i hope you dont? any allergic reactions or youll swell up someday. u do it, in the name of beauty and other womens’ exploratory make up venture

  • SimpleLu09

    yea I actually stopped doing it for awhile so thats? why I never updated..but since I started doing it again my hair feels sooooo soft!! and its really easy for me to tell cause my hair is really fried from hair dye and stuff..but my hair literally feels like butter now! 😀

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