Coconut Oil for Your Sticky Problems- Household Tip!

Hi All!! Coconut oil is an amazing, versatile oil that can be used for many things. Recently, I discovered it can be used to remove sticky residue left by pr…

9 thoughts on “Coconut Oil for Your Sticky Problems- Household Tip!

  • Elicia Tan

    Didn’t know coconut oil has such benefit. So far I only use it for cooking.
    Will try that next time if I happen to stumble across some leftover sticky
    residue in the future. Thanks for sharing!?

  • K London

    Oh my goodness, I never knew that coconut oil was good for that! I have it
    too but use it for my skin etc. Thanks Connie, I love this video. All love
    to you, my sister in Christ. ??

  • Your Uncle Mike

    Interesting that you thought of using coconut oil for this purpose. Genius,
    or exasperation? Prolly both!?

  • ThePapiDaddy

    We use it for like 20 different things at home. Basic staple! — to clean
    goo… seems to take a looong time though… ?

  • Your Uncle Mike

    Connie, it’s one thing to see someone do this in a video, and another to
    try it yourself. OMG, this really works!!! Thank you so much!?

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