Coconut Oil: Hair, Skin, & Body!

For only .00, what more can you ask for!? Reallynow72: My Blog for a list of coconut oil’s benefits: Tweet me on Twitter: Disclaimer: I purchased this product at my fav store, WALLY WORLD!!!!!

25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil: Hair, Skin, & Body!

  • supahfreeak

    spring valley is an ok brand but I use the jarrow brand and it’s probably one of the best brands out there for coconut oil. The best place to get something like this is a health food store. It is a little bit pricier but worth it. Although girl I know you the bargain princess? and if this is good stuff then whatev works for you hunnnyyy lol

  • Sarah8581

    Weird question. Do u use this when ur hair is wet or dry? My son is mixed and almost 3 and he has dry hair that gets tangled quick. I am trying to get this for? him and want to see if this is going to work for him.

  • d0llie123

    buy it online at, use the code KOY923? at checkout for $5.00 off your purchase for all first time? customers! 🙂

  • chetosbaby1

    i did saw this coconut oil in walmart,i even got very surprised when i saw it,cause i was looking for this,everywhere,but this one is very good the spring valley coconut oil,this is what india women use on their hair,this is why they? have such beautiful shiny hair,it makes it grow too,coconut is what my mother use & her hair is very long,she is in her 40’s & people ask her what she uses/coconut oil is all she uses.

  • jreily88

    Butter is extremely healthy, as long as it is organic, and preferably, raw. Yes, it is high in cholesterol, but there is absolutely no evidence to show that cholesterol or saturated fat causes heart disease. So, don’t believe everything you are told about that. Also, you do know that coconut? oil is over 90% saturated fat?

  • Odartse

    I? just love you sweetie! You could do advertisement. You’re a natural! Have you ever thought of being an actress? I think you have what it takes. Keep up the good work!

  • 1heartclaire

    Im defiantly going to get dis also thanks 4 metioning where to find it in what? section of the store. I have eczema and been wanting to find and buy some coconut oil:)


    i just buy mine for? 5 dollars where the vegetable oil and spices are .. its alot cheaper and still organic

  • CapriClear

    Coconut oil is great but some people are allergic to it. The best thing I’ve ever tried on myself and my kids is capriclear which is colorless, odorless and hypoallergenic fractionated coconut oil. Its the best part of pure coconut oil without the bad stuff. Capriclear is the purest part of coconut? oil, filtering everything else out.

  • olayinka149

    Try? Inecto Pure Coconut shampoo and conditioner for soft hair, can be bought on Amazon.

  • ashkinstherobot

    macadamia and almond oil have omega fatty acids? and protien that help strengthin and repair your hairs natural barrier

  • sly5722

    so i saw this vid this morning and? i just got sum from walmart at first i couldnt find it i was happy when i did.

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