Coconut Oil Hair Treatment?

Just thought I would share my favorite deep conditioning hair treatment. Please let me know if you try it out! *You can find coconut oil in the organic section of most grocery stores Twitter Tumblr Vlog Channel

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    24 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Hair Treatment?

    • charissechristine23

      It looks like that right now because I need to get my relaxer redone LOL but? try a dry shampoo. Spray it on your roots and kind of puff up your hair with either a comb or you hand

    • charissechristine23

      I was really young when I got it relaxed so I have no idea, I’m? sorry 🙁

    • charissechristine23

      Thank you! It’s relaxed and I make sure my hair is well conditioned,? its key! I also use the Infiniti by Conair hair straightener

    • BaileyBlurbs

      wow your hair really looks healthier than when I? last saw it!!! I’m a firm user in cocnut oil myself

    • ariberry228

      I love using coconut oil in my hair. Ive seen a lot of improvements in my hair hair. Like my hair feels a lot softer, thicker, and stronger. I like to use it as a daily moisturizer for my natural curly hair & and also a deep conditioner as well ! (:?

    • booboohips

      I just love your voice; it’s very soothing & personable. Olive oil has worked wonders for my hair, but I’m gonna pick up some coconut oil the next time I hit the? supermarket because your hair looks so healthy & conditioned.

    • Babiecakesz701

      Where did you get your coconut oil at? I been to three stores and they all dnt have it?

    • alexrydercarter

      this? would take me far too long. my hair is almost down to my butt, i wash it everyday and it is extremely hard to maintain

    • ctphtgrl

      I got mine from walmart on the spices aisle. It’s the? spectrum organic coconut oil that was in my walmart

    • fmoores07

      You should definitely try Keratin treatment. I just parted with getting a relaxer for 9+ years and gave into Keratin. Best? Decision Ever My hair is just as straight (if not more) than when I had relaxers, feels more healthy, breakage is almost gone, and my hair does not feel dry. I used to always have to keep applying moisturizers b/c my hair would eat it up. It’s a little pricey between $145-300 but it can last anywhere between 3-4 months. So worth it for the improved health of my hair!

    • fmoores07

      I use KeratinStraight at my local Ulta Salon. This is? NOT Brazillian Keratin Treatment (which can be harmful to the hair) It is purely a protein Keratin Treatment, which is naturally already found in the hair.

    • fuegofuego25

      Nice! Doing this using Olive Oil will also do wonders for your hair! I did an Olive Oil treatment yesterday and my hair feels amazinggg. I love the fact that it’s actually good for my hair? too. (:

    • MizzIntensity

      Got some today…and I’m super excited to try this out.let u knw how it goes on my wash day.?

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