Coconut oil Hair Treatment

Coconut oil hair treatment on new growth before and after I have severely dry damaged hair & I am currently 6 months post relaxer transitioning back to natural hair without the big chop….

25 thoughts on “Coconut oil Hair Treatment

  • sweetfm2008

    Great video!!! And your hair is repairing well!!! Did you do a cut? And do
    you do this treatment weekly??

  • Michelle Stars

    Great video!!!!!!!!! But for more protein to restore your hair you can use
    a few eggs only the yolk (mix the egg yolks with any conditioners and oils)
    no hear with the egg yolk! Lol, and the aphogee 2 min keratin treatment and
    all natural oils including your unrefined organic expellar pressed coconut
    oil and organic evoo, grapeseed, almond, safflower, sunflower, ja blk
    castor oils etc!!!! ?

  • ladynefertitibk

    Oh yeah, that coconut oil is no joke. Your hair is doing much better. I
    really like your makeup look. ?

  • PrttyBrwnEyez13

    Great video! I use coconut oil to pre-poo, but I want to try your method
    during my next wash day. ?

  • buttrpecan9

    Your hair is really pretty ­čÖé the coconut oil does wonders on your hair. I
    need to invest in coconut oil. Tfs. ?

  • Terrica Simmons

    I feel that if you cut your hair even just a little it won’t look bad and
    it’ll grow back really fast. Your new growth is a really good texture
    whether you go natural or stay relaxed. And since you’re wearing your wig
    anyway that’ll give it more time to grow out also. I think you’ll look cut
    with your hair cut in a bob or something . My opinion though … ?

  • Paulena White

    Great video u r right coconut oil is something serious its so good been
    rocking with it from day 1. Ur hair is looking good keep it up. How many
    weeks post r u? A lot of new growth girl u r so right dealing with two diff
    textures is a challenge which is exactly y I big chopped. Thanks for
    stopping by my video showing some love it was an honor to have u comment u
    made my whole life that day lolz love u boo ???? gorgeous lady u r!!!!!?

  • Vivaaglaam

    Can you do a video applying the wig with leave out or how ever you do it? I
    wanna get into wigs but I don’t wanna leave any hair out and it gets
    damaged or maybe a weave video suggestion I’m going through the same thing
    with natural and relaxed hair I’ve turned to braids for now but I need
    something new ?

  • terr debra

    ok well i miss your relaxed hair journey but all the best the all the
    ladies on their hair journey realxed are natural?

  • EbonyGirlSpeaks Beauty Naturally┬«

    coconut oil is the best thing ever for the hair. I haven’t used it in
    awhile and my hair is definitely not the same tfs your treatment!?

  • Malaquia Brown

    Your a saint. That lady would have gotten a penny from me, and would be
    paying for every dang thing I’d need to get my hair back in shape!
    I’d suggest just cutting an inch or two, after you try to revive what that
    evil lady did.
    Few things that helped me by MUCHO, may help you too hun, taking biotin
    daily to strengthen, moisturize(oils and conditioners), and anything and
    everything Aphogee! Their leave in is amazeballs That protein is gonna
    help, just no overdoing it. Lol
    I hope everything works out for you!??

  • Saira Gamez

    I have Spring Valley organic extra virgin coconut oil, and it has a strange
    odor. I haven’t tried doing this yet , i just bought it. But , is it
    supposed to have like a strange odor ? ?

  • Sofia Coleman

    Just a little bit of advice: if you can do not wet your hair before coconut
    oil application. Section and put the coconut oil on length before
    detangling and then detangle and section into smaller sections to rub on ur
    scalp and down ur lengths. By wetting the hair before coconut application
    you actually prohibit the oil penetrating into the hair strands. ?

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