coconut oil hair treatment

~~~READ ME~~~ So my Filipino friend told me about this treatment, and she said that a lot of Filipinos like to use this ^^ She told me she used to have really damaged and dry hair, but after a few months of using it, her hair is so perfect like silk ;~; I started using it maybe a month ago and I can already see the improvements! So just remember: once or twice a week, 1-2 hours before showering, massage it into your SCALP. 🙂 And the brand of the oil is Okusame’s Extra virgin coconut oil. It can be found in a Filipino supermarket in Milpitas, CA. ._. Okay, anyways, THANKS FOR WATCHING!! 😀 GOOD LUCK TO YOU GUYS. ? (ps.. my next video is probably gonna be about how I cut my hair since I cut it myself 😛 ^^ stay tuned!)

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