12 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Heals Skin


    hey that man looks kinda oil…but his skin actually good! for how old he is…anybody agree?! good video

  • GagaDancerboi

    Coconut does heal skin, i’ve had acne scars for 3 years and done everything my dermatologist said, but nothing worked until i used coconut oil on my face almost everyday and in a few days my skin started clearing up! it’s amazing, and i also eat one spoon in the morning.

    I RECOMMEND IT!!! u’ll be shocked with the results!!!

  • MikeTysonEatsKids


    Yes I agree. I went to India and brought back a bottle. Do you know where i can buy the real virgin coconut oil in the states?

    have you heard of Nutiva or Spectrum?

  • pousow1

    @GagaDancerboi Did you leave it on for the whole day? Or did you just leave it on for a couple of minutes and wash it off?

  • makeupbynumbers

    Coconut oil does everything! It’s like a miracle that doesn’t cost hardly anything to use! I love using it as a moisturizer and a deep conditioning treatment for my hair mmmmm

  • starcraftflyer17

    What if your alergic to coconut oil…? I am.. and I have eczema all over my gosh dang body and my doctor wont let me try anything new cause everything else has failed, but for some of you I used stuff called “Bag Balm” It works it cuts it back a lot and i mean A LOT but it doesn’t not go away..

  • dsrtflwr

    @TTTTTURTLE You know, he might look older because he’s bald and wears glasses, but yes, his skin looks very good I think.

  • dsrtflwr

    @starcraftflyer17 I’ve heard that palm oil can have the same effect as coconut oil for those who are allergic to the latter.

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