COCONUT OIL: Health AND beauty in a jar?

Coconut Oil has gotten a bad rap for many years, BUT it is full of GOOD saturated fats that help boost your metabolism, strengthen immunity, and ward off degenerative diseases. PLUS, it has numerous beauty uses! -moisturizer -lip conditioner -hair conditioner -eye makeup remover -eyelash conditioner -shaving oil -even as an inoffensive fragrance Coconut oil is all natural and is pretty cheap (I’ve seen it priced from -20 CAD), yet it has so many potential uses. If all else fails, you can bake with it, mmmmm…… **DISCLOSURE: This product was purchased with my own funds. The opinions/views expressed in this video are solely mine and have not been influenced by any form of monetary compensation or promotional/free product sample agreement.

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    9 thoughts on “COCONUT OIL: Health AND beauty in a jar?

    • crayonrayon

      Such a gorgeous girl and a science background to go along with it! Your husband is the luckiest man! <3 You gave such wonderful examples and I'm actually going to get some from the grocery store next time to mix into drinks!

    • VividMakeup

      Well you just made my day – heck, my week – with that lovely comment 🙂 Thank you so very much. My husband agrees with you, however, I believe I’m the one that lucked out <3

      You should try coconut oil in baking recipes too (substitute for vegetable/canola oil) – it'll come out ultra creamy and tasty. Hahaha, there's a dirty innuendo in the somewhere…I'll let your imagination run with it 😛

      Enjoy those drinks, love!

    • XxAysha16xX

      hey random but how do u spell ur name? u prounounced it the same as mine 🙂

      i LOVE this stuff! i use it as a pre-shampoo treatment makes it soo smooth, an as moisturiser xx

    • VividMakeup

      @XxAysha16xX No way! Hahaha, that’s so funny…It’s spelled Aja…I’m named after a song by a group called Steeley Dan. My mom was a hippie, what can I say? Hahaha, so were you teased in school too for having a name that’s pronounced like a continent? Used to HATE my name, but now I embrace it ’cause it’s different 🙂

      And YES! Coconut oil is the BEST! Hahaha. Thanks again, Aysha!

    • XxAysha16xX

      @VividMakeup haha my dad named me, he was a hippy too xD
      yep i use to get teased, or called asian lol i use to hate it but now i like itt! its gd 2 be different 🙂

    • onewitch1

      you said you took a t/s of coconut oil a day. My question is how and how does it tasted
      thank you..

    • VividMakeup

      @onewitch1 Hi! I actually take a tablespoon in my fruit and hemp seed smoothies I make in the morning 🙂 I run some hot water over the jar to liquefy the oil prior to measuring it out. It is actually very “coconuty” in flavor when taken on its own (which is why it’s so good in recipes). And if you buy coconut butter (almost the same except it has some coconut meat in it), it is DELICIOUS all by itself. Yummy! Thanks for asking – you’re very welcome 🙂

    • Ed Terry

      Coconut oil was removed from theater popcorn at the very strong urging of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. They’re also the ones urging people to use margarine (loaded with trans-fats) instead of butter. Twenty years ago they published a document claiming that trans-fats were not unhealthy. They now deny that even though that document is still available on the internet.

      As others have pointed out, there has never been any credible study showing that saturated fat causes any damage.

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