Coconut Oil, How Much for Hiv, Hep-C & Viruses

Coconut Oil, How Much for Hiv, Hep-C & Viruses When it comes to how much coconut oil may have some effect on a virus the daily dose has to be at least 50 ml …

25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil, How Much for Hiv, Hep-C & Viruses

  • Bob Hoyt

    What about. Gout that type of acid kicks my ass with gout indasin script
    works on gout

  • WilliBond0007

    6:18 ‘I have a bald patch!” … anyway, … gonna go out and get some
    coconut oil. I eat a coconut and a pineapple probably once a month, but I
    think I might actually go out and buy some coconut oil. Gary Null was
    recommending using coconut instead of the artificial sweeteners the other

  • SilverTurtle65

    When I was in Costa Rica, I would drink coconut water every morning, great
    for the digestive system.

  • tyronebiggums3

    I use the Nutiva brand of coconut oil. I like add a bit to my other cooking
    oils when sauteing vegetables and cooking eggs.

  • tyronebiggums3

    Another tidbit on coconut oil: Coconut oil may help lower your blood sugar
    by boosting your metabolism. Most fats are long-chain fatty acids, which
    means they burn slowly and, when over-ingested, store as fat in your body.
    Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid, which makes it act like a
    carbohydrate in your body. It goes directly to your liver and is used as
    energy. In theory, coconut oil gives you the energy benefit of
    carbohydrates without elevating your blood sugar.

  • Tom J. Byrne

    Whatever about viruses, the extra virgin coconut oil does instantly improve
    your memory. I don’t take 50ml per day. Probably about 20ml, every day for
    the last 6 months. Also use it in place of toothpaste in the form of Oil
    Pulling. I’m sure you’ll find a video on that if you search. There’s
    nothing like the price you are getting for that in Europe (even on Amazon).
    I’m in Italy. A good price is €4.50 per 200ml.

  • carter102

    Costco has some pretty rocking Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 1.5L for $18. I
    use about 1/4 cup of coconut oil each meal. I whip it together with eggs to
    make the creamiest fluffiest scrabbled eggs you’ve ever had. Coconut milk
    makes a great hot chocolate, just mix it with coacoa powder, stevia, gum
    acacia, vanilla, ect.

  • syyenergy7

    The recommendations for using coconut oil to fight viruses vary. Some say
    50ml an others say 100 to 200 ml. And that is a constant daily dose. It has
    to be done everyday to build it up.

  • syyenergy7

    It does not matter. As long as it is true organic coconut oil. Most all
    brands are excellent.

  • CoKo Bouje

    Yes, I OIL PULL, 2 to 3 times daily. I really helps keep mouth bacteria
    away. I wake up every morning with FRESH BREATH….YEAH ME!!!

  • salfetka

    thanks for the review mate. great review and info on coconut oil in terms
    of the dosage. i try to get cold pressed coconut oil in glass jars. why
    glass jars? well oils are known for their ”pulling” powers so since the
    plastics contain carcinogens i dont want to have the goodness of the oil
    plus the chemicals from the plastic containers.

  • david Damiduro

    Is there any difference between the organic coconut oil and the extra
    virgin organic coconut oil?

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