Coconut Oil :: Indian Hair Secrect :: & Vatika update

Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil from Tropical Traditions This oil can be used as: oil treatment, hair serum, moisturizer for the face, moisturizer for the body, eye makeup remover, or you can incorporate it into your diet.

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    25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil :: Indian Hair Secrect :: & Vatika update

    • LeniGirly

      @nhss89 Oh wow you’ve used a lot of different products. I’m also planning on using different Indian hair products. From all those products which one would you say is your favorite?

    • LeniGirly

      @ladymagnoliaa If you apply too much it will look super sticky. What I do is I apply a little bit on my hair, but the trick is to apply it once your hair is dry. If you apply it when your hair is wet you’ll end up putting too much and not even realize it until your hair dries up. So far I love it because my ends go from looking dry and damaged to looking healthier.

    • AngellicaBeauty

      I love coconut oil. It is great for so many things. Much healthier in cooking than some other oils. I love when you post things about natural beauty products, they are great videos. Keep it up! 🙂

    • LeniGirly

      @AngellicaBeauty Thank you! I’m glad you liked this video. Thank you so much for yoru support. I really appreciate it. : )

    • LeniGirly

      @makeupmonsters1 Oh thanks!! I just starting using Shikakai powder. That stuff is Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • makeupmonsters1

      i never heard of a powder form!…so do you think the powder is better than the regular one…is it easy to apply…

    • LeniGirly

      @makeupmonsters1 I’ve never tried any other form. It’s kind of messy to apply and it makes your hair super hard but once you wash it off your hair goes back to normal. I’m going to try it a little longer before I review it.

    • punkhoplove

      hi leni, just wanted to tell you that i got the vatika oil, i used it last night and i yet have to wash my hair this morning, 🙂 i also heard u say after a month u have noticed your hair has grown a bit, and my question is, this is from using vatika once a week for a month? or did u use it more often? thanks! i love your videos 🙂

    • RosieAlvarado

      Hi Leni,

      I am so happy you made this video, I was actually just doing research on coconut oil for hair because I heard Indian girls use it and they have gorgeous hair!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • LeniGirly

      @punkhoplove Hi, Yes the new hair growth that I’ve noticed is from Vatika because i haven’t been using anything else. I only use this product on Saturday nights and I wash it out on Sunday. Thank you so much for your support. I am uploading a video about another coconut oil I am using on my hair. This is my new favorite oil it leaves my hair super soft and shiny.


    • LeniGirly

      @RosieAlvarado Hey girly!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this video. Have you started using coconut oil on your hair? If you haven’t I definitely recommend it you’ll love the results. I’m uploading a review video on another coconut oil I am using. Any ways, thanks a lot for watching!!!

      Leni *^_^*

    • TheBahaiGirl

      That’s expensive! I paid 8 dollars for a very high quality coconut oil… plus, Coconut oil is very very hard to spoil. It can be left out of the fridge for a year. Unless that’s some special type of coconut oil that has other stuff in it. If it’s not, then you don’t have to refrigerate.

    • LeniGirly

      @TheBahaiGirl It’s expensive? :* ( Where did you buy your coconut oil? I’m glad you told me about coconut oil being hard to spoil because I hate it when I have to use it and it’s super hard. This coconut oil says in the ingredients that it onlyhas coconut oil it doesn’t mention any other products. Anyways, thanks for watching and for taking your time to comment. I really appreciate it.


    • TheBahaiGirl

      @LeniGirly I bought mine from ‘whole foods market’.. and it was about 6 bucks for a HUGE jar. And it’s organic and nothing else is added to it and you know it’s good if it smells like coconut. If it doesn’t, then it’s refined and messed up 🙂

      No problem 🙂 I was wondering the same thing and then I learned it is very hard to spoil.

    • LeniGirly

      @AzulDiamond93 I buy the Vatika at a little Indian store here by my house. They also sell it at amazon.

    • 29jaz

      i just recieved my vatika this morning and ill be trying it out as a treatment this evening wish me luck! 🙂

    • LeniGirly

      @29jaz I”m sure you’ll see results.However, be ready to deal with the fresh new little hairs that will grow. It’s annoying at first but once they grow out you’ll have beautiful fuller hair. It’s worth the sacrifice. You will also need more than one bottle for sure.Also, I’m not sure if yo usaw my other videos where i mentioned that after using Vatika I noticed redish brown color on my black hair.So if your hair is light it won’t be a big deal but if your hair is dark you will notice it.

    • LeniGirly

      @pinkladykitty Oh that’s great.Don’t even bother putting it in the refrigerator when you get it.I used to but then I heard that coconut oil doesn’t spoil that quickly.So,now I used it as a body lotion after a shower and it makes my body so soft.I also used it on my hair but remember not to soak your hair with this oil or it might leave your hair sticky. Since this is pure coconut oil I only apply some on my scalp and ends and I massage my scalp for a few minutes.Let me know how you like it.

    • AdamIntellectual7

      i’ve always used vatika hair oil but now im just buying it from the store, it’s amazing!!

    • belle893

      you can buy pure USDA approved coconut oil from
      Its a really good price too.
      and if your a first time coustomer you can use this code MOH807
      to get 5 dollars off, great deal!

    • pinkladykitty

      I got it and I love it! I am using this everyday…It is OK because my hair soaks it up! My hair is loving this stuff! Thanks for the video and the recommendation! I was using Nutiva but I am glad I have the tropical traditions because there’s is specifically for hair treatment (coconut) I like that and my hair LOVES it! It is EVERYTHING! My hair is drinking this! I have 3 jars…hopefully it will last! LOL!

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