Coconut Oil is Full of Health Benefits!

Visit Coconut Oil has been talk about as an unhealthy saturated fat. Dr. Bruce Fife explains why that’s just not true and explains the health benefits of taking this healthy oil.

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    11 thoughts on “Coconut Oil is Full of Health Benefits!

    • 11September2009

      It is impossible that coconut oil is heathy.

      It could have more benefits than other oils in cooking for being eat stable (because the fat is SATURATED)

      It is a processed 100% fat food. There is nothing healthy about it.

    • kirk4566

      It’s the best food in the world. You American should start using it before 100% of the population got fatter. We tried it for more than decade in Asia. Think deep smart poeple.

    • pyogazel

      What do you mean by “processed”.
      It is not more processed than extra virgin olive oil and it is far less “”processed” than half and half (as it need not be hydrogenated to stay solid)

      And if you listened to the rest of the interview (it does sound like an infomercial Makka) it is saturated but has a shorter fat chain which gives it other proprieties than long chained saturated fat.

    • DrSeptember

      There are no free forms of oil in nature. All of them are a refined product.

      The basic definition of a junk food is lots of calories for little nutrition. All oils, (including coconut and olive) suit that category.

      Eat the whole coconuts instead.

    • pyogazel

      I see your point and I agree the whole fresh coconut is better.
      However, for people who cook with oil (or even whorse animal fat), and for people who don’t have access to whole fresh coconuts, you must admit using coconut oil is the better choice, don’t you?
      Besides, if you open an old coconut, you will see oil flotting on the coconut water… free form it is. ;o)

    • DrSeptember

      Coconut oil is more heat stable, so it should be better for cooking. The contrary goes for olive oil.

    • StabbyRaccoon

      Wake up, people, all saturated fats are healthy. The lipid hypothesis is bunk and completely unscientific. Pff, saturated fat causes heart disease? That’s not how it works. I’m amazed at how so many people with so little knowledge of biochemistry think that saturated fat contributes negatively to a lipid profile. This is 2010, people. Admit that you’re wrong, move on and be healthy. And butter your bacon, eat your eggs with the yolks and cooked in a heaping spoonful of coconut oil.

    • ccher9

      only saturated fats from plants are healthy for humans, who have the anatomy of herbivores, so animal products are unhealthy for us. Coconuts are great.

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