Coconut Oil Miracle

Hey! This is my VERY brief review of the amazing book by Bruce Fife, The Coconut Oil Miracle. Special thanks to Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness here on YouTube. He’s the one that motivated me to do more research in the first place 😉 There is SO much more in this book that i could talk about I hope that you will read it and learn more for yourself 🙂 Join my group on facebook for FREE healthy tips & tricks. God bless you! -Rochelle. — Rochelle Hanson Music. “Happiness is free- so share it.” Pass on the links below: The official site The myspace http The facebook The CD: STEP OUT The NEW SINGLE: Words to Say The videos The twitter iTunes

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    20 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Miracle

    • Geezeimhungry

      I have that book. My dad bought it. Haven’t read it though. In my head i’m like “how much can you say about coconut oil??”; HOWEVER i still want to read it lol. I usually use coconut oil for my hair and skin though. Very informative! thx! :o)

    • RochelleHansonMusic

      @Geezeimhungry The Coconut is LITERALLY a super food. There is SO MUCH more to say lol. If you have that book at your finger tips and are not reading it, you’re seriously missing out! Hope you can make some time to read even one page a day. I promise you won’t regret it 😉 *hugs*

    • RochelleHansonMusic

      @DeconstructingGlenn Thanks! I’m glad it turned out that way 🙂 Hope it helped a bit 😉

    • illusionslicer

      Have you tried it on your skin, scalp and hair! Coconut Oil is all I use! Which really helps with not having to bring so many other products on tour with me. Just me and my Coconut Oil! 🙂 So happy you are exploring and sharing all these amazing and healthy discoveries. Yaaay Planet Earth! Peace and carrots, Ash ~ Here II Here

    • RochelleHansonMusic

      @illusionslicer Yes! I do use it on my skin and hair 🙂 works great! lol @ Peace and carrots lol that’s cute 😉 *hugs*

    • rianne1100

      Rochelle you’re so adorable and beautiful. And yes not only is coconut oil good for you but it tastes wonderful too. Beside cooking my eggs with it, I eat a tablespoon every day 🙂

    • RochelleHansonMusic

      @rianne1100 that’s great!! when i was eating eggs i did that too 😉 tastes soooo yummy!! just bought a new jar today! <3 it!!

    • RochelleHansonMusic

      @Nosaltypeanut Hey 🙂 actually i’ve never had locs! lol. Those were twists… and yes i have and still do use coconut oil in my hair. It stimulates hair growth 😉 Sometimes I use it as a pre-poo before i wash my hair.

    • RochelleHansonMusic

      @tallderektoronto probably wouldn’t hurt it’s anti-viral, but i haven’t done any disease specific research on the topic so i don’t have an answer for you. Maybe you can find some studies out there for yourself? <3 <3

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