Coconut Oil & Mud Masks! – My Friday Night

Hey, guys! (WATCH IN HD) This video is so random but I have gotten a lot of questions on how I use Coconut Oil in my hair so I thought I would film it! I als…

25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil & Mud Masks! – My Friday Night

  • Luna James

    I saw something on instagram about you deleting a video and getting hate
    for having three dogs now, what happened??

  • Mihikaa Garg

    Yay!! I get so excited when you upload!! It LOVE your personality!!!. Thank
    you for uploading :)?

  • PrincessNayelley

    You literally put a smile on my face and lift my spirits when I’m feeling
    down. It’s nice to hear appreciation once in a while so I want to thank you
    for making these videos and for being honest with your subscribers. Your
    personality is awesome and it’s relieving to know that I can relate to you
    on so many levels. Never change. PS. Please show Danny and your doggies in
    your videos more often!?

  • chicopedro19

    I really like using coconut oil on my hair too. I’m going to have to try it
    as a deep conditioner to see how that works with my hair type.?

  • ItallianCurlls

    OMG!!! I just died laughing at you quoting the sappy parts of the movies!
    My hubby just looked at me like __! Love you so much, girl! You. Make. My.
    Day. <3?

  • Vanessa Ferrer

    You have such a beautiful personality Kathleen! The part where you were
    watching the movies had me cracking up. I Love You and your videos! ?

  • gozosa1980

    love your videos! your “grand entrance” into the bathroom and your intense
    chick flick viewing had me cracking up!?

  • Samantha Lopez

    Kathleen, I loved this video idea.. You should do more.. And idk if you
    said but where can I get that mask? I love the glam glow but dassss
    expensive. Lol and out of all 3 dogs, Selene had me laughing! When she
    licked your sweater and ear lol she’s a crazy pup, she just wants love but
    she’s like my Dexter and just want it a tiny bit too much lol ?

  • Alicia Heye

    I looooove 13 Going on 30! Seriously one of my top 5. I can’t believe
    people gave you crap for getting another dog! How ridiculous is that? ?

  • Dylan Mercedes

    I love this video Kathleen! Watching your videos always make my day. I
    tried using coconut oil on my hair last week and I left it in for 1-2 hours
    then washed it out and my hair felt oily the next day and my hair never
    gets oily! I thought I got it all out 🙁 I’ll try it again on the weekend
    and see what happens. And I really want to get that face mask from iherb
    but I have never tried a face mask before and I’m nervous. I’m 15 and I
    have never had a pimple before and I’m scared that it will break me out or
    something :/ Love you xxxxx?

  • jessica071509

    Is it healthy to put coconut oil in your hair every night? Sorry if you
    mentioned it in the video, I watched it with no volume lol?

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