Coconut oil on hair causes dandruff?

I was using Dabur Vatika Hair oil (on my hair and sometimes scalp) back in december of last year and I noticed my scalp was getting incredibly itchy. I thought that perhaps it was my scalp and maybe it was because it was dry, or I had product buildup (even though I wasn’t putting anything else on my hair at that time). I decided to stop using the oil because I always noticed the itchiness would increase some time after I used it on my hair. Anyways I stopped using it for a week or two and my scalped stopped itching. It was a really good oil and I really liked it, but I was going crazy from scratching my head every minute. Today, I was on this site that gives reviews on vatika oil and one of the reviewers (an indian man) said that coconut oil on hair causes dandruff, and I felt like I was right all along that the oil was the reason for my itchy scalp. But the thing is, it was my first time reading that, so I was wondering if it’s in fact true?

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    One thought on “Coconut oil on hair causes dandruff?

    • Maleena B

      Coconut caused lice, NO. It may make your hair greasy & cause biuldup on your scalp but the lice deal isn`t true. Your scalp probably itches because of the increase moisture. Try scalpicin which is great for itchy scalps or perhaps head&shoulders.

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