Coconut Oil on Locs

Coconut Oil is great for the locs and natural hair. Try it 😀 Update 10-9-10: I am speeding through this vid!! LOL! It’s almost if I was at an auction trying to sell coconut oil, lol! WOW!

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    21 thoughts on “Coconut Oil on Locs

    • msfullroller

      The LouAnn coconut oil is refined & bleached so many of the healthy properties have been taken out. That’s why it’s cheaper. It’s probably fine for skin & hair use. The one you saw at the health food store was more than likely virgin coconut oil which will be more expensive.

    • uluv2nvme

      Yeah, I kind of figured, but since I know this a recession (especially being recently laid off) this is an inexpensive alternative that still gives similar results to virgin coconut oil. Not to mention, I’m all about find products that work and are cheap with no side effects, lol.

    • msfullroller

      I hear ya sis on having to find products on the cheap! I’m sorry to hear ’bout the layoff. My household is in the same boat since last November. What do you use for shampoo?

    • uluv2nvme

      Sometimes I don’t shampoo and just use a conditioner. However, I did use the Jamaican Mango and Lime Shampoo a lot because of the menthol. Menthol is soothing and is actually good for the skin. I also use Pantene Clarifying shampoo. It’s clear and gets all the gunk out, lol. I started using Pantene about a couple of months ago–moreso because I have mature locs.

    • uluv2nvme

      Yes, ma’am 😀 I want to condition my locs. Since my locs are mature they soak up anything they can get!

    • msfullroller

      Thanks Sis! I just started cowashing myself and I’m really liking the results. Just bought some Suave clarifying so when I use that up maybe I’ll try the Pantene. Your input is very helpful!

    • uluv2nvme

      I appreciate that! Warms my soul 😀 It doesn’t go only one way: Your feedback is very helpful as well.

      I’ve thought about using the Suave clarifying shampoo, so I might try that next, lol.

    • dlhdlh44

      My locs aren’t mature yet – just 4 weeks old so not even technically locked (comb coils). Do u think using coconut oil would hinder the locking process? I know it’s really good to use on skin, hair, scalp, etc. Btw, ur locks r really nice!

    • uluv2nvme

      Thanx! I would use the coconut oil to moisture your scalp. I wouldn’t really mess with the coils right now since they are rather young. 🙂

    • deionc

      hi, i hope you are having good experiences with your coconut oil, just a word of caution..the kind you have is highly refined, even though its 100% coconut oil. its ment for cooking. i would suggest an organic, unrefined coconut oil ( a tad more expensive-about 9 dollars). it has all the things that are good for your skin are hair. the walmart kind has all of that stuff stripped out…but if it works for you, go girl-do yo dang! peace!

    • uluv2nvme

      I know that it has alot of the nutrients worked out of it; however, I try 2 target the frugality of products & cheap alternatives since money is hard 2 come by these days! Organic coco.oil can be slightly expensive (especially in my city– $15 for a 6-8 oz. bottle?). I don’t only try cheap coconut oil, but other products as well just in case ppl are wondering about what is safe 2 use 4 a quick fix! Believe me, locs are resilient & I highly doubt that it hurts my locs compared 2 other chemicals.

    • loxy4x4

      Hello All, I used organic, unrefined coconut oil on my hair last winter. A funny thing happen when I went outside in the cold air. My locs became very stiff with a frozen like feel. It went away once my locs warmed up. Too funny!!

    • marcus23332333

      have you try it on your face yet I wanted to buy so cocnut oil for my face and hair

    • uluv2nvme

      I’ve tried for my face, but I’m not a fan on putting on my face. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t get any pimples the next day and my skin was pretty soft & smooth.

    • GoRgEoUsLyMe143

      i just bought the same exact bottle of coconut oil and im eager to use it 🙂 the only thing is is do you use it on wet or dry hair or either one???

    • 450555

      I have locks too and use pure coconut oil as a conditioner and moisturiser. Not only do I use it on my hair and scalp, I also us it on my face and body after my bath or shower and as a daily facial moisturiser twice a day….all I can say’s fantastic and I will never go back to baby oil and other face creams/moisturisers…..

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