15 thoughts on “Coconut Oil overnight Prepoo

  • yumyum215

    thank you for getting rid of that itty bitty comb. girl i was about to reach in that video and snatch it away lol

  • kkt2004

    This was a great vid….but can you make a list of all the stuff that you used in this vid….it would really help me for shopping. LOL

  • bribarnes10

    when u dry your hair you shoudlnt pur it up like that try and keep your hair combed down even when washing it! good luck! 🙂

  • jujajun99

    you are so cute, so sweet, pleasure to watch your vids and thanks for mentioning coconut oil. this is like one of the few prepoos i am doing tonight and wondered about using my coco oil as I am a newbie to that. Thank you!

  • Tilara

    I guess my only issue is that I could barely hear you unless I turned my volume all the way up and then the static sound was too loud. So if you could just speak a little louder. I just got my own coconut oil in the mail and am doing a deep conditioning. I hope it works and makes my hair soft. You have other great products in your video.

  • lkel09

    When you hair is wet.. Start combing from the bottom first. (just a tip)
    but love it and thinking about buying me sum.

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