Coconut Oil – Papua New Guinea

The people of Bougainville have come up with their own solution to the energy crisis — coconut oil. It’s cheap, plentiful and doesn’t pollute. Little wonder other countries, are considering importing it. From priests to the police force, locals are making the switch to coconut fuel. “There’s no difference in performance and you don’t have to do anything different to your car”, states one consumer. Bougainville hopes to export coconut fuel to other countries. Unfortunately, in cooler climates, coco-fuels solidify and requires the addition of diesel. May 2007 Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

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    22 thoughts on “Coconut Oil – Papua New Guinea

    • zythepsarian

      awesome biodiesel source, up in canada here its mostly old cooking oil thats used to make biodiesel, i hope the world can switch to these new sources, before too long it will be forced to anyways

    • heyerstandards

      An outstanding idea for using a renewable natural resource. Thanks for posting.

    • heyerstandards

      @heyerstandards A key take-away with this story is that their solution is vitally **local**. It works for them, in their climate, in their circumstances, in their economy. Each of our localities also need to explore alternatives for what works for us.

    • silversobe

      Hemp oil could replace all fossil fuel. It emits no co2 as well

      “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?” – Henry Ford

    • vkgiotis

      Diesel had originally intended that his engine run on peanut oil. Sadly Diesel “disappeared” mysteriously.

    • Shiftyeyes516

      DAMN! American wtf taking us so long – These greedy politicians and gas companies are screwing us

    • blackPowerStick

      So much 4 the Uk and America and France being Advanced we cant even work with what little we have if we really do have anything at all

    • kuchiki1

      THank YOU VERY MUCH for SHARING THIS VDEO …… Tropical Countries should use Coconut oil as gasoline, until we can purify it more so that it will not solidify in colder temperature. No more Dirty Oil!

    • mekaziona

      That is a good idea, only if they could fidure out a way for coconut oil to not solidify so easily.

    • keytoothed

      Reminds me a little of Cuba–the way decades-old cars are still in use and people even refill their “disposable” lighters. In their climate (in New Guinea), there’s no worry about adding a preservative during the winter to keep it from freezing.

    • RevyNai

      Even if we don’t use coconut oil in the future for cars, it shows that we aren’t as dependant as we might assume on our current car fuels. I hope more and more things like this are experimented with, and hopefully we will find a new means. I know they have electricity too but this seems much more widely available.

    • unique5589

      This channel always has something good to share. That’s why i subscribed. Thanks so much for sharing this video. I appreciate your work. 🙂

    • tikogal01

      @htia075 Geographically its within the Solomon archipelago but yea, its partof PNG. Thats what I meant and please refrain from calling names.

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