5 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Q&A

  • Slylady81

    I love coconut oil. I get mines from the Asian fruit stand.. It’s cheap and it’s 100% coconut oil lol

    It’s funny how they hike up the price of the coconut oil in hair shops when you can get the 100% pure one from around the corner and get the same or better results xD

  • WhimsyCurl

    Dag, I wish I had an asian fruit stand near me! I love a bargain! The asian grocer, and the “regular” groceries near me don’t have it. Just whole foods/trader joes, or the health stores.

  • blissdout

    Hi WhimsyCurl, love your vids. You have a great head of hair. FYI, I get my coconut oil Indian Groceries. The brand is Parachute. It’s about $5 for 16 oz. but the price may vary. Good luck!!

  • KidneyGirl91

    I get my organic virgin coconut oil at my the Dekalb Farmer Market, half a gallon for 10.99

  • Lovly6680

    I have a late question, I purchased some Coconut oil from the organic section of my nearby Kroger. It says it’s for cooking, hair and skin but also states to wash it off after a certain amount of time..is that usual? Have I purchased the wrong kind?

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