25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil RE-visited!

  • Mike Hash

    Fuck coconut oil! Take whey protons and supplements instead. Being healthy
    is for losers! Ha, ha! Goddamn, you’re a fucking moron, Jerry.?

  • paintballrecon

    on my last cut i had coconut oil to hit my fats and i woke up in the middle
    of the night finding myself throwing up because of this shit….fuck
    coconut oil?

  • xRemiixCoder

    Jerry this is my stupid ass theory but i need someone to debunk it.
    For EXAMPLE:
    If your maintenance was 2000 calories, and you go to the gym 6 times a
    week, and you’re eating 1500 calories worth of protein per day, wouldn’t
    your body still rebuild your muscle considering it might prioritize
    repairing muscle? This may be very unhealthy but does that logic sound
    right? This probably sounds so dumb but I just thought about it the other
    day… What do you think??

  • Masta Hanksta

    I don’t care what this guy says I have been taking pure coconut oil for 4
    months now and I have seen increase in my memory.
    It also works as a energy booster in my muscle milk.
    Since I started taking it my arms have grown an inch
    18″ to 19.5″ arms in 4 months.
    but it doesn’t work alone you need to Work hard in the gym
    Coconut oil is also known to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.
    plus i mixed it into my tanning solution and it works great stays on even
    after swimming.
    No disrespect to this guy but it works for me.
    PS: I bought two giant cans at Costco for 30 bucks great deal!?

  • Syrus Kite

    So the highh level crossfitters that use coconut oil in their diets arent
    lean and ripped? Lol refer to Rhonda Patrick when you’re off you cycle
    buddy lol?

  • Theo Paine

    For those viewers who thought coconut oil was a good thing, but now u are
    confused given Jerry’s well-intentioned but misguided video – check out
    this info by Dr John Douillard ->
    http://lifespa.com/coconut-oil-one-saturated-fat-you-should- eat/.

    For those skeptics & hard-core researchers, at the very bottom of that page
    (from above link), there is another link to a 42 page pdf that includes
    links to 100s of studies on coconut oil. Knock yourself out.

    I thinks Jerry is a good man who means well. However, he’s got it wrong on
    this topic & he defends his position with such dogmatic zeal. Maybe he
    likes playing devil’s advocate or he likes to create controversy.
    Nonetheless, I’d like to propose a challenge to Jerry that would put this
    issue to bed.

    Yo Jerry, Self-experiment with coconut oil (CO) for a 30-60 day period. U
    looks like u can lose some weight & I hear CO is good for brain support –
    so it may help u out with your anger issues. LOL. Just kidding. 🙂

    Visit your doc & have him do a lipid profile on u, record your weight, body
    measurements, vitals & take a full body pic. After the 30-60 day period,
    revisit your doc & get the results with new full body pic. Record a 3rd
    ‘definitive’ video on CO & share your findings & let the results speak for
    itself. If u truly believe that CO is just nothing but hype, your tests
    will confirm that.

    If u willing to give this a shot to see if there is anything to CO, don’t
    get that cheap refined crap from Wal-Mart. Get the.organic virgin CO that
    is cold pressed. That’s the good sh**. :)?

  • Angel Selmani

    Wow you swear a lot, maybe you need more words to explain what it is you
    are so desperate to tell everyone. Yes of course olive oil is great, the
    longer life expectancy of people living on Mediterranean diet is well
    known. Hemp oil too, fantastic. The coconut ‘fad’ is just that, a marketing
    thing. If you want to make videos like this in future, then plan what your
    are going to talk about, maybe write a list of points or notes. Don’t get
    so heated in your presentation or talk so fast as people from other
    countries are confused, try to cut down the number of ‘F’ words used, just
    because no one will listen to WHAT you say unless you can say it in a calm
    way. Also this nag pain between your shoulder blades is caused by how you
    drop your chin forward, the simple trick of wearing a hat on your head
    usually corrects your posture, which is probably great during your work out
    and slacks off in between. NAMASTE?

  • TheWarIsWithin

    now animal fats bad for you?! Tallow or lard is better than coconut oil in
    many ways, get off that saturated fats are bad for you bandwagon. Unlike
    you theres actually people who choose to stay natural and focus on real
    health besides just bulking up synthetic bullshit.?

  • Gittl G.

    Coconut oil is by no means the “only” oil to use, but neither is olive oil.
    Use lots of butter, lard, chicken and fish fat. Omit carbs as much as
    possible and you will feel much healthier soon and avoid most autoimmune
    diseases, especially diabetes and Alzheimer.?

  • Unchartedid HellsArmy


  • Philip Clouds

    certain “studies” also claimed that fat had a connection with coronary
    disease and changed the diets of people globally and look where thats got
    us… ridiculous.?

  • Vickie Magee

    I might have taken you seriously if you didn’t use the term “fucken” so
    much. “It must be true is you say “fucken” 150 times.”?

  • Craig Lawson

    MCT’s and Carbs do the same thing? No. Like most others, this guy got his
    degree in nutrition from Bodybuilding.com. ?

  • Kandi Cox

    Wow all the cult followers….He doesn’t follow the fucking commercial
    health. Shit, they use to have commericals for how good cigarettes were,
    then it was drink Vitamin D milk like 8 glasses a day( or some shit like
    that). He is basically sayi9ng do not be a fucktard!?

  • preper embaeado

    so don’t be the one turning into a f******* he doesn’t have a clue he has
    no medical diploma he’s an idiot?

  • Ginette Sear

    As a medical professional I know that you can read equally opposing
    studies…usually promoted by pharma’s. Organic coconut oil, ingested in
    moderation has many, many benefits. So do many other organic foods. I’m a
    Personal Trainer, General Practitioner Referral Therapist, Mental Health
    Registered Nurse…and look at my profile picture…not too bad for almost
    50 years old…most things in moderation…except smoking, drugs, roids,
    alcohol…people are generally a mirror of their lifestyle choices…if
    they look like shit, guess what?!!! :-)))?

  • Kenneth Lazenby

    If some asshole comes out with a video saying that eating Your own shit is
    healthy and spritually awakening., then some other fuck will do it and next
    thing you know 100 more. Who cares? Why spend your life worrying about
    saturated fats vs trans etc. were all gonna die anyway.

  • OrganicHealer

    This guy has no clue. As soon as he mentions baby oil good for your skin,
    it was clear he is not very smart, or schooled on this subject. He should
    just stick to what he knows. Its a waste of time listening to blowhards
    with no clue ?

  • winterlandboy

    hey Jerry..Whats the story?. You look like Billy Joel..if he pumped iron. I
    actually think you do resemble him. He doesn’t take Coconut Oil by the way.?

  • Idaho Girl

    At first it appeared you might really have something to say, but after a
    few minutes it appears you are self professed and uninformed. You need to
    go back and watch this if your not just a meat head. Perhaps you are the
    one who has your foot stuck in your dogma..?

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