Coconut Oil – Regular vs Extra Virgin

Regular processed and deodorized coconut oil vs extra virgin “coconutty” smelling coconut oil. I use each one for slightly different applications although you could choose to use either type exclusively.

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    7 thoughts on “Coconut Oil – Regular vs Extra Virgin

    • lakegirl645

      Thanks for the video, I love to cook with coconut oil, I also use it once a week as a deep hair conditioner. 🙂

    • hsnnut

      I used to get mine from Walmart, then I tried the organic virgin and fell in love with it. It taste so much better.

    • morphingTom

      @hsnnut yeah but there are times you don’t want a coconut flavor in the cooking so I still like the bland one too

    • morphingTom

      @lindacraker I use both, but the cheaper one is great if you don’t want a coconut flavor in what you are cooking – best tool for the job

    • akwise0320

      Thanks Tom! I use both too. The LouAna most frequently and here in the Houston area it is found frequently in supermarkets but I do like cooking with the extra virgin too…it is just so expensive. Thanks for sharing!

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