Coconut Oil Review-My Miracle Product

OPEN FOR MORE INFO!! This product is a holly grail beauty item. Use it on your hair, body, face, cuticles, and when cooking for an overall healthy alternative. I forgot to mention that it will solidify at 73 degrees or colder. Where I live it will not solidify until winter so that’s why it is still liquid. Where to find Coconut oil: Health Benefits of Coconut oil: No More Dirty Looks Website: Follow me on Twitter @greenischic Read my blog: And pretty, pretty please subscribe to my channel. Good Karma if you do! J/K Disclaimer: I paid for this product with my own money

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    One thought on “Coconut Oil Review-My Miracle Product

    • TheGraceofChrist

      Thanks so much! I’ve been taking it internally for almost 2 weeks now. I’ll have to try it on my hair and face.

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