Coconut Oil Soap Recipe – Homemade Soap Recipes

Becky’s Amazon Link: This is one of my favorite soap recipes. Olive oil used to be my favorite but now this coconut…

23 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Soap Recipe – Homemade Soap Recipes

  • mommasday2

    Another great video. Thank you for entertaining us city folk who never
    give a second thought on how soap is created. It makes me want to
    try homesteading myself… maybe i’ll start with the soap 🙂 I look
    forward to your next video and keep up the good work.?

  • jean briggs

    Becky, I love your tutorials. You make things so easy and fun to do! Love
    your shelf. Makes such a pretty background!?

  • annette rios

    What’s wrong with you Spygal11,get a damn life IF you don’t like her videos
    don’t watch!!
    Have a great day!!?

  • candymeadowalmondjoy

    Great video! Is there any substitute for lye? I don’t feel comfortable
    using it in or out of soap. ?

  • Sonia Varela

    I love your videos but this may be a stupid question but just curious, what
    would happen if you didn’t wait for the lye water to cool before you pour
    the oil in it and could you use liquid food coloring instead of the
    powdered? ?

  • Wen Pow

    Hi Marty Saint – (hmmm didn’t tag you when I typed your name) – yes 100%
    Coconut Oil soap can be very drying BUT if you add a little extra oil as a
    super fat, you should be fine. You can also substitute some of the water
    content for a milk product like cow’s milk, goat’s milk, even coconut milk
    to keep it vegan to add some creaminess… I have made a 70% coconut oil
    soap and it was wonderful – but super-fatting (adding extra oils) can help

  • PrettyAliceMoon

    Did you not use any other type of oil as a superfat? Coconut oil can be
    very drying to the skin if not highly superfated with other oils it
    butters. ?

  • Christine Strauss

    Becky can you reuse the soap molds for foodstuffs for ought I stick with
    things like candles to share the molds and keep food grade muffin cups
    seperate? Thanks???

  • Magnus Dominus

    Make sure to use sodium hydroxide and not potassium hydroxide. Potassium
    hydroxide is for liquid soap.?

  • Rebecca Wood

    When you talk about quantity of oil, lye and water, are you saying weight
    or volume or both? Volume of water,weight of lye and just buy the correct
    container of oil? As I have never tried to make soap, I have no clue, were
    I to try, where to start.?

  • Katie Howell

    Becky, thank you SO SO much for making videos like this. Your recipes are
    my favorite. May I ask why you have to let soap “cure,” and what exactly
    does that mean??

  • Cheryl Cooper

    Do you cover the box when curing the soap to keep dust out? Or dust not a
    problem factor?
    Thanks for you lovely video you do such a nice job explaining everything

  • Dianna Greenfarb

    Hi Becky! You just seem so fun and approachable! How do you like living in
    your cabin? You are inspiring me! I’ve been making soap on and off for
    almost 20 years. I used to work for a couple of organic dairies.?

  • Melissa Turner

    You can’t substitute oils but you can however, combine oils. Olive and
    coconut oil make a lovely bar of soap. Just run your recipe through a lye
    calculator (Brambleberry’s lye calculator is very easy to read.)and you
    shouldn’t have any problems :).?

  • Kathy Retlewski

    Love your videos. I made lard soap. When cleaning the lye container I
    just put it in the sink and let the water run into the container then down
    the drain. helps keep the drain clean?

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