Coconut Oil..The Fountain of Youth ~ Can U Dig It???

*Click More Info* I have been using mothing but coconut oil as my facial moisturizer for a solid week and within a weeks time I have noticed the fine lines on my forehead have dissappeared! This is the website and the brand is called Spectrum Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil. They also have a 15oz jar for hand and body. I think it’s the same oil tho. Here’s both links

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    25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil..The Fountain of Youth ~ Can U Dig It???

    • asiancaramel

      Coconut Oil is VERY good…but girl “Black Don’t Crack”…you will look young for a while REGARDLESS! hahaha!

    • epd0126

      i have seen a lot of your videos..and i actually like you with the blond hair its very attractive on you..i would go back to suits you better than the red..i got my oil

    • ttopcar

      LOL..How Funny! Thank You. I liked the blonde hair too and will probably go blonde again this summer ;D It’s black now and I’m liking this look too 🙂 I know you’re going to love the oil!!!

    • Fresco1982

      Bacon grease works just as fine. Come here baby lemme rub a slab o’ bacon on ya forehead. Wait I got some left in the jar on the stove. Jk. Yeah, I’ve used coconut oil too. There are lots of homeopathic natural herbal food remedies. Forget Mary Kay and Avon. Use Madame CJ Walkers Natural Perm. Thank You Dr. Miracle!!!

    • ttopcar

      Oooooo Not the Bacon Grease LOL. I just uploaded 3 part video series called Do-It-Yourself Spa Treatments. Check it out ;D

    • petesampras12

      Honeydew…lemme tell u something..listen up. You are damn damn beautiful for 40. Unreal. Without the coconut oil. I mean that. Seriously. Love being 40. Your not dumb and young anymore be thankful. Love it.

    • RensMunro

      Hey, i’m also using coconut oil on my face and it’s great! My skin was always red because of al the skinproduct for my acne.. But now its all soft and calm.. i just love it!

      Are you almost 40? You look really young! I thought you were 25 or something 😛

    • ttopcar

      Thank you and I do love being 40. I’ve loved every age..wish I could stop at one of them and live my life out at that age but I love my evolutions. Peace and Light

    • MikeTysonEatsKids

      vitamin shoppe also sells this same coconut oil.

      Before using coconut oil what did you use?

      I feel ashamed to say it but here goes:

      I am a 22 year old guy who does not moistuize. However i noticed my face is gettg dry along with other parts of my body and I want to usse something all natural. is this better than say cocoa butter that i hear everyone prasing?

    • AishahMs745

      1st things 1st you look awesome for 40 wow. well I mean you were 39 at the time. but anyway you look so young I gave you 25.. girl keep up the good work my beautiful sister. I just started using the coconut oil. I love the results I use it from head to toe.. I even use it to replace my butter. I’ve learned that it’s pretty darn healthy for you. I’m a die hard honey and olive oil fan along with my EMU oil so now that I have added the virgin coconut oil to my list I’m pretty much good to go now.

    • MikeTysonEatsKids

      My grandmother died in 2005, she was 80 years old guys. 80 years old. You want to know how many wrinkles she had? NONE! Growing up in Guyana when she was young they did not have creams so readily avaiable.

    • ttopcar

      So sorry for the late response. I was using Oil of Olay before I switched to Coconut Oil. Cocoa Butter is great and so is Shea Butter. Guys need to moisturize too lol so do it ;D

    • ttopcar

      Thank You Girl! Somedays I feel 40 LOL. I love love love Olive Oil and just bought some hair products containing olive oil and can’t wait to use them and see how my hair turns out. I give myself Olive Oil hair treatments once a month and slather honey on my face and sit and marinate. Did you see my spa video? There are some great all natural tips in there. God Bless.

    • ttopcar

      Wow…that is amazing. Gret genes? or pure air and foods with no chemicals in it? I’d say both ;D Thank you for sharing!

    • thepamperroom

      Do you have a tutorial on the hair treatment you talked about earlier in the video?I think you said that you had fried your hair and after a couple days of using this oil treatment, which included coconut oil, your hair was fine again … and if you don’t have a tutorial, would you make on?? :oD

    • TheDaydreamfiend

      do you think you would have the same results by using the refined spectrum coconut oil?

    • ttopcar

      @TheDaydreamfiend No! I’ve learned that only Virgin/unrefined coconut oil is best for our hair and skin. It’s pure..not processed and Good Quality coconut oil should taste and smell like coconuts ;D

    • marcus23332333

      what is better expeller pressed or cold pressed does it really matter i heard cold pressed is better for skincare so what do you recommed

    • ttopcar

      @marcus23332333 depends on where the product is made. Over in Europe, they have strict, inforced rules about labeling products cold-pressed…where here in the States, manufacturers use that term for anything and everything just to make a buck. Your best bet is to always look for the word UNREFINED…the product will be as pure as it possibly can be, which is a lot better for our skin, hair and health.

    • gypsy43

      coconut oil an apple cider vinegar cure hpv warts

      coconut oil kills yeast as well,,,,best yeast infection cure

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