Coconut Oil – The GREATEST Food That You Probably Aren’t Eating!

SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!!! VISIT MY COMPANION PAGE ON FACEBOOK AT WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/LOWCARBCORY FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @LOWCARBCORY Yo, what’s happenin’, people? This is Low Carb Cory. I’m a health/wellness/fitness coach from Central Wisconsin. I love to watch basketball and football (go Packers!), play basketball, swim and hit the beach in the summer, weight-train 3 to 4 days a week and write, produce and record my own music. I am on a mission to get RIPPED – to get my bodyfat down to about 8% and get that lean, Hollywood’ish, leading man look that makes women go crazy and makes other men seethe with envy. I started weight-training heavily in March of 2009 at what I now consider to have been quite a fat (20-24% bodyfat) 170 lbs. I had been taking the conventional advice that the health and fitness community gave me (eat 6 small meals a day, get multiple servings of grains, eat fruit, do cardio at the gym and work out 5-6 days a week) and you know what happened? I GOT FATTER. My ego wanted me to believe that I was putting on muscle, but I got a wake-up call when, after growing to 197 lbs (and although being stronger than ever), my belt, which I’d always comfortably worn on the second loop, started getting snug and chafing me on the FIRST LOOP. I was overweight, burned out, sore and tired as a dog. I decided right then and there that I was going to do something about this. I went online and spent countless hours researching and reading opinions, advice columns, weight/fat loss

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    16 thoughts on “Coconut Oil – The GREATEST Food That You Probably Aren’t Eating!

    • LCHFinCanada

      Coconut oil IS fantastic. It’s great for cooking things in.

      It also shows promise to help glycemic-control in several studies now for diabetics.

      Another great choice for oils is Red Palm Oil too. Also saturated, a beautiful cold-pressed natural oil. It’s red colour comes from alpha- and beta-carotene and lycopene, and is also high in other cerotene’s, antioxidents, tocopherols and more. ?

      I make both of them part of my healthy diet.

    • LCHFinCanada

      Oh, just an fyi – mention Canola oil being all processed… which is not necessarily true.

      Yes, the? vast-majority of Canola oils being sold in grocery stores, etc., are massively processed … however you CAN find cold-pressed, organic canola oil. It’s much-more expensive than the refined/processed crap, but it is available in some markets.

      That being said, even cold-pressed canola oil is mostly PUFA, and in my opinion isn’t as healthy for MOST people as natural saturated fats.

    • bmcollins3

      I swear coconut oil should be labeled as a miracle food. I take anywhere about 3-4 tablespoons a day ( spread out through the day). I started taking it 2 weeks ago and already ive noticed energy gains through out the day, im less hungry, and its great for a pre workout? drink with warm water and chocolate protein powder, i swear its like hot chocolate. Natures Way Organic and Nutiva Organic coconut oils are the best imo, however i favor the Natures way Organic more due to taste preference.

    • lowcarbcory

      @LCHFinCanada I disagree. All canola is processed because you can’t get oil from rapeseeds w/o processing. There is actually a chemical in rapeseeds that is toxic to humans, and the only way to? get it out is to process the oil.

    • lowcarbcory

      @Locus428 I love sunflower? seeds, as long as they’re not roasted in all kinds of processed oils…especially cottonseed, which isn’t even food!

    • LCHFinCanada

      @lowcarbcory original rapeseed, yes.

      Most of today’s canola (rapeseed) is GMO (genetically-modified organisms) to reduce the erucic acid (toxic substance) as well as to be “roundup-ready”… So they can, technically, cold-press that stuff and you could consume it.

      That being said, the main reason I don’t use any canola oil is neither would be healthy. The non-GMO would be toxic, and the GMO is … well … GMO and sprayed with roundup.

      Either way,? Canola just ain’t healthy.

    • josethebird

      I was going to get some of? this at Trader Joe’s, and it was sold out. Guess I’m late to the trend…

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