8 thoughts on “Coconut oil treatment (2)

  • Tacos2332

    whats the best way to use it? like wud yu put it in before yu wash ur hair or after yu shampoo it then rinse it out?

  • Makedasveracity

    I do this particular oil treatment before I shampoo, way to oily for me to do it after shampooing, hope this helps 🙂

  • tinkerbell849

    hi could you make a video on your regimen ,how u flat iron and how often u flat iron.thanx

  • MsPeoplesgirl

    I agree about the music being to loud… I think its easy to lose focus on the purpose of the video and that is to educate on hair care and not about music so in order to educate one must be able to hear and understand what you are saying. Nevertheless I just love your hair and how you are so candid about helping others to obtain beautiful hair as yours. Thanks.

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