12 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Treatment

  • duskyhued476

    omg, you are soooo pretty. Great personality and humor you have,too., I feel your pain as I am also mixed with black Honduran from maternal side and german/irish from paternal. Got a keratin treatment recently in the style of the brazilian blowout. My hair is now silky, shiny, frizz free no matter the weather or activity. Only thing I find now is I need to use dry shampoo on scalp because top of hair looks oilier now.Keep up the vids!!

  • PanawegianGirlie

    @shay2biz You know what? I will give it a try. Maybe I will make a video about that 🙂

  • celebsadoptme

    i always knew different races can create the most beautiful babies, but you are STUNNING! i have similar hair to what you described so i’m looking forward to more videos from you 🙂

  • Aspenwilliams92

    I am biracial as well, and cannot for the love of me get my hair to grow. Definitely put more videos up so I can see what works for you. Also, could you put up a video of how your hair looks naturally ?

  • misssugarapple

    😀 your so pretty! nice eyebrows also!
    I use Almond oil. Not the sweet almond oil, but the base oil kind
    and its amazing, I use it on my hair and skin.
    before straightening my hair i use it, and it seals the oil in and its been a miracle for me since my hair is so dry and horrible

  • PanawegianGirlie

    @misssugarapple thanks for the advice, I think I will try Almond oil. I started drinking Almond milk and love how I feel now 🙂 XxOo

  • PanawegianGirlie

    @Aspenwilliams92 I am going to do an update video in about a week. My hair has grown close to two inches in two months, which I think is great. I will give some tips that I have discovered really help. Thanks so much for watching XxOo

  • PanawegianGirlie

    @celebsadoptme Thanks and I really appreciate your kind words. Being mixed has its challenges but in the end I am grateful for having “the best of both worlds” 🙂 We all have to stick together, lol.

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