Coconut Oil Treatment, Application and Benefits

Simple steps to successful cocnut oil treatment! Skip to 4:18 for fast simple steps!! Coconut oil is the best and natural way to healthy hair (= This video shows how I treat my hair with coconut and a discussion of benefits of coconut oil. Link to Abstract:

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    8 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Treatment, Application and Benefits

    • princesspink18kitty

      @MySkiesAreBlue24 It contains coconut oil, Alma and Henna as opposed to 100% solid coconut oil. Vatika is more processed than the pure solid coconut oil.

    • petrapetra2002

      check for natural,organic products and supplements for cheaper than? whole foods,they have thousands, and use code KEB068 for 5 $ off on your first purchase.a really solid site.take a look ,personally love it

    • bboyzachmoser

      Thank you I will try this tomorrow since I have off Thursday and let you know how it works. I have been looking for some one to show me how they do it so thank you for taking the time to show us.

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