Coconut OIL Treatment for Hair, Skin, Scalp Deep conditoner

Natural Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil (most natural) seems to do wonders for the skin. There are many studies out there about the benefits of coconut oil that you can find. I personally have great results from using it. I use in on my skin, scalp, and hair. It absorbed very well, not greasy as the other oils, smells delicious and heals my mosquito bits very well. The instant I put it on my itchy scalp I felt the relieve. My bug bits stop bothering me too! It gives a great glow and shine. Great on the kids too. All items in this video is owned and purchased by me. This video is not intended to promote any business or brands.

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    25 thoughts on “Coconut OIL Treatment for Hair, Skin, Scalp Deep conditoner

    • QueenlySweetpea

      I bought some coconut oil today & will try all these soon 😀 … If you want your hair to grow faster, then eat cucumbers and cherries. Both contain silicone, they will make your nails grow faster too …

    • missheavymetal1

      great video !!
      the only trouble for me is whenever I get to the “relaxing time” part of the routine the door bell or the phone rings!! grrr !! lol

    • IslamUSA1

      Imshi? Ana kunt 3arif annaka minhom.
      You have your own mistakes right? Take care of them before you addvise someone.

    • alexjademaru

      I purchased my ev coconut oil on amazon
      it gives really great deals on it and Nutiva is a really good brand. If you go to amazon, you should check out the reviews on it. I promise you will not be disappointed. However, if you don’t want to order online, then I reccommend Whole Foods or a health/ herb/ organic store.

    • sweetie46100

      Hi I purchased some extra virgin coconut oil this weekend from vitamin world and I was reading the direction and it said after opening keep in the refrigerator. what are the step when I get ready to use it for my hair?

    • sweetie46100

      Are you saying when I get ready to use it sit it on the counter until it turn into a liquid? Is it good to do this every time I want to use it or is there another approach I could take?

    • anneorshine

      Sometimes I use it when it’s solid but if you want it to melt faster put it in a glass like cup/bowl and place that into warm water. That will make it easier to use =)

    • xoCarmiMay

      omygoshhh thats so truue my grandma taught me that technique ever since i was a baby and mayn my grandmas skin looks so young and healthy btw, my grandma is 50 but she really is74(= and from personal experience it really works, my skin use to be dull but once i put some of that oil on my skin had a perfect glow and smoothness to it/ you may even drink it to help the body *i forgot why but it really works

    • kaleena2006

      I love this stuff!! Its smells so good. Love the fact that you can warm it. It jsut feels great all over for what ever purpose. The only problem I have is its gives me a sweet tooth and makes me want some almond joys. lol Great stuff! Sent from heaven. Nothing else I’ll use.

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