Coconut Oil Treatment

I prefer deep treating on WET hair. It works better in my opinion. Your hair is like a sponge. It will still absorb the coconut oil it needs with or without water in your hair. You can do it either dry or after you shampoo. Either way your hair will absorb it………….. Only takes a little bit of VIRGIN coconut oil on damp-wet clean hair. Coconut oil is very good for dry or damaged hair. You can also leave this in over night and wash out in the morning!

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    25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Treatment

    • LoseWeightWithBrandy

      I have course, naturally curly hair. I spend a fortune on products. I am definitely going to try this. Thanks for your video.

    • stickynotegurl

      can any1 plz tell me how many times a week i should sleep with this in my hair???
      btw my hair its damaged from dye and bleaching

    • GagaDancerboi

      for treating dandruff u should use it everyday and in just 5 days you’ll be dandruff free!
      in other cases u can use it once or twice a week or also everyday!

    • Cch33Rii00

      ROSARiO DAWSON!!!!! (: lol but anyway.. what is the name of that product?? it’d be really helpful if you listed your products in the side bars.. (:

    • Stayls

      I would say 4 times a month because if you hair is that damaged by dye and bleaching your hair will suck up the coconut oil. What I do is Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Olive Oil together and let it set over night. When I wake i put conditioner on it for 2 hours. But try different things for your hair. Like Almond Oil or Jojoba Oil eggs and avacados. I hope this helps.

    • fleurdelaurier

      you should try honey mixed with water and then wash your hair wi the mixture…girl i won’t do it but i can assure you you ‘d be so beautiful but you are so beautiful…i love you…

    • Existantia

      Any coconut oil will do really. You can check em out at a health food store or an Indian grocer maybe.

    • coolzenist

      I recommend you use organic oils. You can use any organic oil and a great conditioner. Not a big deal.

    • xxCARiSSAxxx

      Hey Andrea.:) Yeah well I just wanted to say FIRST of all I love your hair, & your super beautiful. 🙂 & also it’s been about a year for me since I’ve used a straightener too. I said the same thing ! I’ll only use it once in a while & I’ve only used it TWICE. I’m so proud of myself. 🙂 Haha, & this video is super helpful because I am going to do the virgin coconut oil treatment riight noww. okaay, just wanted to say thatt:] byebye. <3

    • jacdrand

      Hey andrea…I have a quick question for ya, do u kno the difference between a hot oil treatment and a coconut oil treatment? Well obviously the proteins and things r different but wat wud b better for naturally curly hair to use as a regular routine?

    • cedamouse

      @coolzenist But not all oils are the same so it is a big deal as to which one you use. Different oils are known to do different things. For example,Grapeseed oil and Coconut Oil are not the same as far as all that they can do. And the virgin coconut oil IS organic.

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