25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Twist Out

  • Shiriluv

    i totally agree? with you. one of my natural girlfriends only uses co and swares by it. ive tried it several times and each time…it leaves it hard and dry.

  • MsBlossomFlower40

    Lol you’re so cute..hilarious as well I had to look at it over again just to laugh..but I know exactly what you mean I tried to use coconut oil and its just something that I can’t do. It made my ends so hard.it took me? a few days to get the moisture back so I have a large jar that’s basically going to waste.

  • naturallymeek

    I know that’s right! You can’t be leaving grease spots on people! You are too funny. Your twistout? looks good.

  • jewelle1981

    Coconut oil works? like a charm on my daughters head, makes my sons hair hard and i have to use just a touch on my hair or it makes all of my hair feel greasy. I figure different strokes for different folks

  • missylauren

    I hvnt had the coconut oil in this weather melt on me yet.but ima make sure I don’t leave? grease stains on nobody shirt lol …and ‘lol’ every1 talkin bout ur accent..I heard u clearly..it’s a Texas thang! Lol

  • motivated2educate

    OMG, LOL!! I have to ask, how much did you use? I have used coconut oil on several occasions; and in the beginning, I used way too much causing the same effects. It? was like Soul Glow on Coming To America. Try using less and compare the results. Until then, keep a towel handy, LOL. Hair is gorgeous regardless!!

  • SweetGaBrownin

    ive heard some of the similiar gripes from naturals about coconut oil, ive used? it in the winter and never experience it, but im gonna be light handed in the warmer months and probably seal with a little shea butter.

  • theeIAM4Monie

    For starters your hair looks BANG’IN! Coconut oil may not be your personal hair’s lover, but it looks really nice. I’m glad you did this vid because like you I’ve? heard so much from other naturals about the coconut oil. I’m still contemplating. Thanks for the vid again!

  • FenomenalFemme84

    LOL! This video had me crackin up! It just sounds like you might have been a bit heavy handed…. Try it ONCE-T-GAIN… with less oil on each section… see if it helps! Thanks? for the video!

  • godsdiamond1

    Looks beautiful, but your right not good for use by itself….coconut oil seals in moisture therefore if you use it by itself it is? just coating the hair not moisturizing or soaking into your strands. After you twist with your butter use lightly the following day to untwist, it will seal in the moisture of your butter! Just a suggestion, although your hair looks so flawless! Keep the Vids coming!

  • TheJada37

    I used to use coconut oil? as a sealant, and I loved what it did for my hair. However, my skin hated it! My forehead broke out so badly! I’m trying to get my skin back right now after its usage.

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