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25 thoughts on “Coconut Oil : what they DONT tell us!!!

  • JCGrantatAC

    The first thing everyone should do is read the “Conflicts of Interest”
    disclosure at the end of every study: many studies are subject to funding
    bias. As for heart disease, it’s a result of weak arteries. Weak arteries
    are almost always the result of subclinical scurvy — poor collagen
    production from not getting enough Vitamin C. Lipoprotein(a) is just doing
    its job and patching up lesions on weak arteries. If a person has healthy
    arteries, saturated fat and cholesterol won’t do anything other than raise

  • Ryan Ancona

    I bought a tub of coconut oil to try it, replaced half my fats with coconut
    oil, conclusion:no difference, no energy increase, no extra weight loss, in
    my experience ?

  • JGD1985

    I love coconut oil. I never thought of it as some miracle food but it’s
    pretty versatile. Not just for food but I find it also works as a great
    moisterizer and aftershave. ?

  • reptilianskin

    Coconut oil and coconut water were huge commercial successes this past year
    or two. Marketing has done its job. Lol. ?

  • varsityeagle89

    You should really read some of Wesley Price work Jerry. Heres a small piece
    on Saturated Fat. Anyway I do get your point on CO.

    Saturated fats are required for the nervous system to function properly,
    and over half the fat in the brain is saturated. Saturated fats also help
    suppress inflammation. Finally, saturated animal fats carry the vital
    fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2, which we need in large amounts to be
    Human beings have been consuming saturated fats from animals products, milk
    products and the tropical oils for thousands of years; it is the advent of
    modern processed vegetable oil that is associated with the epidemic of
    modern degenerative disease, not the consumption of saturated fats. –
    Wesley Price?

  • dominionn09

    Wait so I thought oatmeal and brown rice were the route of all evil? Now
    it’s saturated fats that are making everyone die? With all due respect your
    theory’s are entertaining and may make some sense but there is no fact
    which anyone should go by here. Coconut oil seems to have some potentially
    very positive benefits and some potentially not so positive benefits If
    ABUSED. If someone chooses to cook with a couple tablespoons of coconut oil
    vs olive oil, you can’t necessarily say that’s a bad thing. I’m sure you
    eat your share of saturated fats as well. Just like anything, you shouldn’t
    over due it. I think you give too much thought in to consumption of certain
    whole foods, common foods we eat with regards to long term health , which
    give interesting content for videos and all but the only problem is that
    Americans don’t mostly eat brown rice and coconut oil.. They eat McDonalds,
    twinkies, doritos with soda and hot dogs and other processed crap! The
    chemicals in these foods are immense! Also don’t discount other things in
    life such as stress, lack of physical activity and especially heredity,
    which imo can be a big deciding factor to your long term health. And of
    coarse smoking, steroids and other drugs. You and I are no experts so
    people should use common sense and make informed decisions based on the big
    picture. ?

  • keehealey

    Coconut oil sounds like the new snake oil, and by the comments it looks
    like someone is getting just as rich off of it. I’ll stick to olive oil,
    it’s on sale more often.?

  • lucabrazi36

    that green coffee bean shit was bullshit. I stopped watching Dr Oz because
    every week there was new supplement that didnt do shit. The funny thing
    was that the guy promoting the coffee bean supplement on Dr. Oz told the
    audience to make sure they buy the one that was pure green coffee bean. I
    looked it up and when i typed pure green coffee on google his company came
    up as pure green coffee bean. This bull shitter is probably a multi
    millionaire by now.?

  • Sam Bensberg

    This just happened to me, got some bloods 2 months ago then started adding
    2 TBSP of coconut oil, egg yolks and almond butter to protein shakes every
    morning for the last 2 months. Got some new blood tests and my bad LDL
    Cholesterol went from 4.0 – 4.8 and my uric acid levels when through the
    roof as well as started getting very bad joint pain, Doctor is now worried
    about Gout. No more coconut oil for me.?

  • habadashery2009

    I don’t understand what you were trying to accomplish with this video.
    First you criticize people for not doing their own research and checking
    facts, but you yourself made a video about how you think sugars are
    responsible for heart disease without citing a source or giving an
    explanation of the pathway in which sugars can cause heart disease. There
    is also an overwhelming amount of research pointing to animal products
    being the cause of heart disease but you didn’t seem to consider that. You
    now say that coconut oil is potentially as much of a risk factor for heart
    disease as red meat, even though you say sugar is what causes heart

    Many Christians who believe the earth is 6,000 years old deny that carbon
    dating is accurate, but when a religious artefact is carbon dated and
    matches biblical reference they change their minds about carbon dating. It
    looks like you just did a similar thing in your video. ?

  • Ian Blom

    All oils like: Cocunut, olive, sunflower, seeds, Are health benifical, all
    have their own thing. Still they are all fats and we all know you don’t
    need more then 50-120grams of fat a day. Great video J!?

  • TokraAkaOnur

    Thanks always wondered why everyone thinks Coconut Oil is Superior.
    When I looked at the ingrediance at Wikipedia , I was like, I will not Eat
    This Shit Fat.?

  • DoubleMerkaba

    All I know is that if you melt that shit and pour it over some popcorn, a
    little salt, and man watch the fuck out!?

  • TheCo11ection

    Blah blah blah. Some meat head who thinks he is a doctor.

    The guy spends 10 minutes doing a poor job of explaining that coconut oil
    is not a miracle food. Thanks for wasting my time breh.

    Jerry Ward says coconut oil doesn’t mix well with dbol.?

  • Ayatron34

    Sounds to me like you aren’t making any distinction between LDL type A and

    A metastudy of 21 studies found that saturated fat is not linked to heart
    disease. The only one that has shown that is Ancel Key’s 7 countries study.
    But he left out every country that didn’t support his position. Some
    studies have shown a statistically weak association between saturated fat
    intake and slight LDL increase, but as correlation is not causation, that
    alone isn’t useful. Others show no link whatsoever. It depends on the
    analytical methodology used.
    Saturated fat intake has actually decreased in the western world while
    heart disease has skyrocketed. I can’t find a single packet of potato
    chips, that isn’t cooked in (rancid) vegetable oil. Or any frozen meals, or
    any pastry (margarine trans fat), or any bread, or any sauces that doesn’t
    have rapeseed oil or sunflower oil in it. Oils all high in inflammatory
    Omega 6’s, exposed to high heat in the factory and then the sunlight in
    transit and on the shelf and then bleached, I’ll pass thanks. .?

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