Coconut Waffle Recipe – No Eggs, or Milk Healthy Cookies.wmv By telling you that there are high energy foods and drinks and on the other side low energy drinks and foods, we most probably didn’t reveal any big secret. We have “invented” many simple homemade high energy foods and drinks recipes, and this is one of them. Delicious, quick and easy to make coconut waffles with no eggs, or milk are healthy, easy digestible high energy foods. Ingredients are solely organic; many of them are recognized as important nutritional health supplements. Let’s focus on Coconut Water. We have been consuming coconut water for a long time; it is one of very important natural cheap supplements of our healthy diet. We drink it on a regular basis and we use it in many of our homemade healthy recipes. Coconut water is simply amazing, it helps us being and staying fit and healthy in so many ways. There are simply too many health benefits of Coconut Water to be able to write them down shortly. Therefore, we advise you to read the book Coconut Water for Health and Healing written by Dr. Bruce Fife. Do not wait; Coconut Water should be a significant part of your optimum nutrition. You really should try it yourself; it is simply incredible. Many more FREE Homemade High Energy Foods and Drinks Recipes, Lots of Other Unique Recipes, Ideas and Tips for Your Healthy Lifestyle, and Much More … you can find at

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