Coconut Water and Kombucha Review

Coconut Water and Kombucha Review! My favorite brands of both amazing beverages…hope this review helps! Follow me on Twitter and Facebook : LifeGanics

25 thoughts on “Coconut Water and Kombucha Review

  • taahmakay

    Thank you so much for all your great info.! 🙂 You speak well. You’re beautiful and your skin looks AWESOME!? I will definitely try the Kombucha….

  • wendyWERKKZ

    Isent the fermenting less about the alcohol and more about just the fermented of whatever bacteria is in it?
    its not? gonna get you drunk, lol.

  • pacskin

    Whatever your? doing… keep doing it.. you look incredible… I want to lick your skin.. on your arm.. nothing sexual… it just looks really nice… think of me as a friendly dog…

    I do much, MUCH, much prefer coconut water straight from the coconut… myself… thats just me…

  • roachypoachy1

    Hey! I remember you talking about Kefir water in a different video, would you make a video on how you make yours, and how much? you feel you need to drink, etc etc?? Thanks!

  • maqsad1

    I’ve made my own kefir from kefiran cultures but for some reason the shrooms did not thrive and multiply like I was hopong they would. Perhaps because I did not use organic milk? One of these days I want to try the same? experiment with Kombuchea. Antibiotic free water is a lot easier to come by than milk..

  • foxylilmimi

    looked at this in the store before i? saw your video and i was between these two brands its nice to know i narrowed it down well lol ended up with the o.n.e. brand

  • LuvSavvyIzzy

    you have got to try coconut water straight from the coconut. thai young cocos are AMAZING!!!?

  • Rochelle Jones

    I don’t want to be mean but it seems like you don’t really what you are talking about. (basics yes, more in depth?? no) I completely understand that your just giving a review but I wish that if you would have more knowledge on the product other than reading it off the side of the bottle and saying this is good. That’s all 🙂 (constructive criticism)

  • TheSupersurgical

    . …if you let the banana get brown spots, its a living organism. ..the more brown spots the less starch &? the type of sugar changes amazingly as the banana goes through chemical process.

  • supahfreeak

    My favorite coconut water is from plantains. I buy them and break them open and it’s really naturally sweet. I like one a lot too, and the chocolate flavor of zico. Also, I was at a whole foods market and wanted to buy the same brand of Kombucha you showed in this video. I’m really afraid to try it though, because you can see the fermentation and cultures sitting at the bottom. I’m afraid it will taste absolutely disgusting. Do you enjoy the taste? If? not, how do you deal with it?

  • MaikoMaikoMaki

    Cheese, yogurt, and kefir is? fermented, Yakult is fermented, So is Japanese “Natto”, and Korean “Kimchi”, fermenting is breeding bacteria, however its healthy bacteria, good for you.

  • hellotwat

    isn’t the coconut water you buy in the store pasteurised though? so a lot of the? good stuff killed?

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