Coconut Water Taste Test & Product Review

Suzie the Foodie tries coconut water for the first time and compares a name brand one with President’s Choice’s new Coconut…

7 thoughts on “Coconut Water Taste Test & Product Review

  • Suzie Ridler

    Thanks Lyndsay! It was? really hard for me to do, especially if I ended up not liking it, which is what happened. But I did it! Glad it was fun to watch.

  • Cindy Pernarowski

    Ha ha!! I learned that in grade four at? a “show and tell” It was a fresh one, but yuck!!!!!
    Good for you!

  • Suzie Ridler

    Lucky you to get over that coconut-water-drinking-experience at a young age! 🙂 Thank you, was not easy for me to? do on camera but it is done and I will avoid it now at all cost.

  • Shannon Ridler

    You are so brave Suzie for trying! I am impressed that you gave it a go, and it’s always nice to do that when you? get it sent to you over buying it at the store. Some things aren’t for everyone! I love seeing the taste-test style vids 🙂

  • Suzie Ridler

    Thanks Shannon! It was unnerving. I have been trying to work up the guts to do it forever. Oh yay! So glad you like the taste-test style video. It’s a real challenge for me to do them but I’m going for? it!

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