12 thoughts on “Comparing Coconut Oil to Olive Oil

  • Vendee1793

    Dr. Jay Adlersberg of the WABC Network disagrees with the claim that coconut oil is healthier. A month ago he wrote an article stating coconut oil is “artery-clogging” and has “all the making of a Hollywood horror show”. He recommends using canola oil over coconut oil. Dr. Adlersberg is a Jewish doctor and Jews are some of the smartest people out there. They would not lead us in the wrong direction. Coconut oil should be banned from use.

  • Vendee1793

    Jewish doctors also assert children must be vaccinated for their own safety and more importantly for the health and safety of all Americans. I know there is a lot of misinformation on youtube about vaccinations. Vaccinations are of course completely safe and don’t have bad side effects. They would not never lie to us.

  • davelynchiepoo

    Dr. Adlersberg’s views are reflective of the status quo and are not just the views of a particular religious group. I’m sure if he were fully conversant with the research on medium chain fatty acids and the harmful effects of highly processed vegetable oils he would change his opinion.

  • davelynchiepoo

    Unfortunately cutting edge research in nutrition and metabolism is not part of the mainstream information pool. It takes time for this information to become assimilated. Ignorance should not always be construed as conspiracy. Doctors’ first concern is the health of their patients and doctors’ don’t always get it right. e.g. thalidomide. They are only as good as the training and information that they receive.

  • kyttmier

    Is it possible that the status quo view and preference for oils like canola and soya are the reasons for the US’ epidemic of obesity acknowledged only a few years ago? The search for healthier food alternatives is a good sign that people are still flexible and will always prefer practices that promote real health.

  • pyogazel

    Some vaccinations have dramatic side effects.
    Do some research and look for the side effects of HEPATITE B vaccination.

    I can’t see what the doctor’s religion has to do with this issue.

    “They” (the goverment, pharmaceutical industries) do lie to us every time huge amounts of money are at risk.

    Fact : coconut oil can withstand high temperatures than olive oil can without becoming carcinogeic. I don’t know about canola, but again the info is out there. It’s our responsibility to research it.

  • shakaama

    i would check to see who is paying dr jay adlersberg to say that. it is a fact that olive oil not only is bad for you but in clinical studies has been shown to slow blood flow.

    either dr jay adlersberg needs to be removed as a dr. if he’s a medical doctor, you’re just trolling the channel.

  • matondia

    @shakaama olive oil has been used for thousands of years in Greece! Olive tree was considered holy and destroying one could lead to death sentence in a court, which was certain if two was destroyed!…Was used everywhere and always,! NO ONE CAN SAY AGAINST OLIVE OIL AND PROV IT

  • shakaama

    @matondia go away. your grandma wasn’t a doctor, stop listening to what she taught you as a bambino eh? People are trying to bring you knowledge. Olive oil is not GREAT.

    We’re talking scientific and nutritiona proof, not just “my mama told me so” proof.

  • matondia

    @shakaama To see if my grandma is a doctor visit your local university! IF you talk scientific do so! Sarcastic is not!..NOT A WORD from u about the subject u must be VERY scientific! LOL!!!… I suppose u r a youngster anyone that reads your comments understands that! If u r not, shame on u!

  • taleeni

    I heard that consumption of coconut oil curbs sugar cravings..not sure if this is true, or how it works.

  • spongekupo

    a low calorie fat, well explained^^ i wonder if coconut oil is cheaper than olive oil…

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