Cooking coconut oil Floating Market Thailand January, 2009

From Google: Coconut oil has been getting good reviews recently because of the many health benefits it is said to give. Coconut oil, sometimes known as coconut butter, is made by extracting oil from dried coconuts. Here are some benefits that have been associated with coconut oil consumption. 1. Weight loss – Many popular diet fads ride on the principle that the way to lose weight is to cut out fat completely. This is not true; the body needs fats to absorb some specific and essential vitamins and minerals. A lack in good fats can actually lead to obesity, not away from it. Fats contained in coconut oil are quickly utilized by the liver, thus giving it no time at all to accumulate in the body. It also speeds up metabolism, thus burning more fat. 2. Butter or Margarine Substitute – At room temperature, coconut oil assumes its solid state form. Thus, it can be a healthy alternative in full or in part for other solid fats such as butter and margarine. Other oils undergo potentially harmful and unnatural processes to induce its solid state. In addition, the oil has a mild and delicate flavor that would truly enhance the flavor of the food. 3. Frying – Coconut oil possesses a higher smoking point, thus making it ideal for frying foods. High-heat cooking can be tolerated by coconut oil because of this property. 4. Not easily spoilt – Longer shelf-life is one of the best properties of coconut oil. Because of its stability, it resists spoiling for a relatively longer time

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