Cooking Eggs in Cast Iron with Coconut Oil

Cooking Eggs in Cast Iron with Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil is a tropical saturated vegetable oil which I believe has been wrongly maligned through a conspiracy by the seed oil companies and the willing participation of scientific backers of the lipid hypothesis of cardiovascular disease. I believe that the hypothesis is wrong and that coconut oil has beneficial effects which you can easily search over the Internet.

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    4 thoughts on “Cooking Eggs in Cast Iron with Coconut Oil

    • morphingTom

      @bigace321 Hey Ace. I gained weight, mainly because I messed up stabilization by not tracking certain foods the way I should have in P3 and I have a girlfriend who likes to eat late. I have stayed on mainly a lowcarb diet though. I started some exercise too. I haven’t weighed but I am still in most of my clothes, so I didn’t put it all back on or anything like that. I am trying to figure out the best time for me to go back on P2 and correct this thing, which is what I am going to do.

    • Mumzeeee

      Brings back memories of the early days of you trying to find coconut oil…. ah the memories. MISSED YA!

    • lakegirl645

      Hi Tom, I need to get a cast iron skillet! I agree with you on the coconut oil. I slipped on P3 too. I ended up 7 lbs over LDW. Now I am back on P2 and down below LDW…once you go back on HCG, it’ll drop right back off you. Next P3, I’ll make sure and weigh myself everyday…that and drinking your water is the key I think. 🙂

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