Curly Hair Olive Oil Treatment & Maintaining Curls

This video shows what a difference the Olive Oil made in my hair from my first video where I wasnt happy with the results. Also, i was able to maintain my curls from the previous day and make a cute funky fohawk the next day without have to re-wet my hair or anything. I’m really starting to love my curls going to try extra virgin coconut oil for next treatment.

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    15 thoughts on “Curly Hair Olive Oil Treatment & Maintaining Curls

    • Fabraham911

      I have the same hair as you…except my curls r a bit more tighter. You’re so pretty, what’s your background?

    • incognegra143

      Thanks for your comments…I am Haitian and Saint Lucian but from Miami I just use regular EVOO (Goya) and i was my hair with conditioner and then when my hair feels super dirty like every 2 weeks I was with a shampoo w/or without Sulfate depending on how dirty it feels…thanks again!!!

    • TheCurlyFitChic

      Wow….the olive oil really worked on your curls. For some crazy reason my curls hate olive oil. It makes them dry and frizzy. Glad it worked for you. Your frohawk looked amazing.

    • incognegra143

      @TheCurlyFitChic THanks for the comment….the olive oil helps give it moisture but then you still need to co wash it and style as usual…maybe that will help

    • CheezInspector

      Your hair looks just like mine. Thing is, I hate like the smell of olive oil in my hair. Lately I’ve been using virgin coconut oil (organic) and it’s working pretty well and smells great. But I had to be patient. It took two shampoos before my hair was “used to” the coconut oil and began to look/feel really soft and healthy. PS Most of the time when I wash my hair/scalp, I actually “wash” it with conditioner. MUCH healthier that way 😉

    • incognegra143

      @ashrieanna Yeah olive oil has a distinct smell and i usually try to put it in my hair when i know im not going anywhere or maybe on the weekend on friday night if your not going anywhere until at least sat afternoon or night if your staying in (wouldnt use it near a crush:)

    • incognegra143

      @CheezInspector …sorry never saw your response…i will try the coconut oil…prob smells a whole lot better then regular olive oil

    • CheezInspector

      @incognegra143, hey cool. No problem. Hope it works out for you! I must warn you it may weigh down your hair a bit. If you don’t fall in love w/the coconut oil, you could try using something lighter like almond oil. I place a few drops of Almond extract in my almond oil to make it smell even better, as it doesn’t really smell like almonds by itself, ironically.

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